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Who can wear South Sea Pearl

Who can wear moon gemstone pearl

As per Indian astrology Pearl is the Gemstone of Moon. By wearing Pearl, Moon gets strength. This increases self confidence and Memory by diminishing mental impairment. This gem pacifies anger. Those who usually suffers with Cold will recover very soon by wearing Pearl. In different Lagna’s it has different results.

By wearing Pearl Ascendant Aries people gets success in Property, Court case or Vehicles related matters.

It helps to improve relations with friends for Ascendant Taurus people. It cool downs disputes among brothers. Trivial tasks which are getting delayed will be done soon by wearing this gem.

Gemini’s will get success to overcome with money related problems if they wear this gem. They will get relief from unnecessary expenditure and financial problems will be solved.

If Moon is not situated in 6th, 8th & 12th house in Cancer asendant people, their health will improve rapidly. You will become healthy and brave. You will get prestige, respect. Hard work will be admired and beauty increases. Others will be impressed with your personality. Luck will favor you and you will get success in almost all fields.

Ascendant Leo people will be able to control their unnecessary expenditures by wearing Pearl. Insomnia will improve. Bad dreams will stop bothering you, other than this, Leo’s will not be benefited more.

Virgo’s will have financial gain by wearing Pearl. Income will increase. Quite often you will get some good news, some old friend will meet you, sudden financial gain etc will be there for you by wearing Pearl.

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For Libra’s Job & Government Job related problems will be vanished by wearing Pearl. Interwiew will be successful. Prestige will spread and delayed tasks will be completed.

If Ascendant Scorpio people wear this it will become their creator of destiny means it is the most suitable gem for scorpions. If moon is in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th or 11th house than it is like ice on the cake means the result will be more-n-more fruitful. For scorpions any work will be done just by wearing Pearl.

Sagittarius must avoid this gem.

For Capricorns this gem removes all marital problems. Mutual love grows. Business expands. It effects 70%  your wife/ spouse.

Aquarius people must avoid this gem.

Pieces can solve children related problems by wearing Pearl. Students can get good grades in school but hardwork/deeds are also important. Rift in love relations can be solved by wearing Pearl.


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