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How will be family life after marriage

How will be family after marriage?

Yes! This question is of vital importance for all those people who are about to get into a relationship with someone whom they do not know at all. Not only in Indian culture but across the world a girl leaves her home to go and live with her husband.

Many a time, a lot of time flies by while a girl thinks about her future home.

Today, we will provide answers to your question using astrology. If you are looking for marriage prediction the family life prediction is important for everyone.

How Can Astrology Predict About Your Marriage?

The second house of the D9 Chart or the Lord of the eighth house of Ascendant provides information about your family after marriage.

Let us find the planets in the second house of your horoscope or try to find out the planetary conditions of the birth ascendant of the Lord of eighth house—is it a friendly zodiac sign in a lower position or is it of a high zodiac sign?

What Different Planets Tell About Your Marriage?

If you find the Sun planet in this position, undoubtedly you shall get married in a rich and prosperous home, where a single person is of utmost importance while other people move around him just like the planets revolve around the sun.

If the moon is situated in this position, your marriage will take place in a big family.

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If this position is occupied by Mars, then it shows difficulty in maintaining peace in the household. However, if the situation of Mars is favourable, it means that you will be able to live effortlessly in such a household.

If this position is taken by Mercury, it signifies that your marriage will take place in a family involved in the business. In such a home, all family members focus on doing their work and business efficiently.

If you find Jupiter in this position, your marriage will take place in a family or clan of high stature.

With Venus in this position, you will get married in a modern family. Your in-laws will have modern and contemporary thinking.

However, if Rahu planet is present in this position, please consider that your marriage will take place in a home that is not at par with your current home. It may not be money-wise strong, or the family may be going through financial difficulty or it may lack educated and knowledgeable family members.

The presence of Rahu and Ketu indicates that whatever you see before marriage in your prospective husband’s family may only be a show-off and not the real condition. You may get to see the correct picture only after you get married.

How will be a career after marriage?

How will be your career after marriage?

Improve Your Life With Astrological Advice Related to Marriage

As I mentioned earlier, very often it is especially important to know about your future family. If you know beforehand that your future home and family are not as per your expectations, then you get the chance to plan accordingly.

When we told one of our Pune based clients named Suman, that her marriage will take place in an economically weak home, she decided not to resign from her job in a private firm. After marriage, our prediction came to be true.

How will be your relations with your partner & other family members?

If Suman would have left her job, she would have had to face financial trouble. Though Suman was not able to get married in a rich family, with the help of our prediction she is able to take excellent care of her married home and family.

We can provide you with several examples, based on which we have written today’s article. We hope that our readers got to learn and discover something new today.

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