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Fire Opel

Who can wear Fire Opal?

Fire Opal is precious gemstone having the power of multiple planets.

Generally the fire Opal does not suits to everyone.

But if you have moon sign and ascendant Lord related to Venus Mercury and Saturn this gemstone can help you.

The fire Opal gives relief from blood sugar, cholesterol thyroid and asthma but it really depends upon your Horoscope how this gemstone will affect you.

The best metal for fire Opal is is gold, white gold or platinum.

If your Venus is debilitated you should definitely try this gemstone.

Sometimes in early age people fall in love and parents are worried about their future at that time the fire Opal is best remedy.

If your kids are too much lazy try this gemstone.

I am feeling hesitation to telling you some other benefits of this gemstone and everything is really cannot be explained here.

Before you try any gemstone get advice from a skilled astrologer and gemstone expert.

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