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Child Prediction

Every person, every father, every parent wants to know the prediction of his child or future of kids. Let ’s try to know the planets of your child. Through the astrology, we will try to know the capabilities of your child.

It is the desire of every parent that his child may grow, may progress in his life. In order to obtain information in this regard, we studied the horoscope of people who succeeded in life, became big businessmen, and got higher positions in the job.

We also saw the horoscope of such people who could not be successful in their life, in their line of business and their future remained dependent on the parents. After considering all these aspects, I forced to write this article. It is not necessary that your child will grow more than you and it is also wrong to think that he will make less progress. It depends on his abilities that how his progress will be. It depends on how are his mental abilities?

What are areas of your child’s interest, which type of his nature and at which things your child responds instantly? The sooner you are able to figure this out, or the more you understand your child’s above things. The more likely it is that your child will get the right environment. After this, it will be easy to achieve the path of progress.

These things can be easily detected through astrology but only finding is not enough, it will be necessary to work on those things. I know a person who had a great desire to know about the airplane since childhood, the euphoria of childhood continued till the youth. Unfortunately, due to the absence of education and due to compulsion of assisting father in his work, he couldn’t get the education and he is now doing the job of factory supervisor. As far as knowledge is concerned, he knows much about aeroplanes and technical things about the same.

There is a person who was the best cricket player in his childhood, batting or bowling, fielding or wicket keeping he was the best performer in all the areas but due to death of his father at a young age he couldn’t do big in his life and now he is a servant in a shop of a cloth market.

There was a person whom you also know. Understanding his poverty and the helplessness of his parents, he worked hard. He took advantage of the cemetery’s silence and worked on his voice and on his writing. That person was Kader Khan unfortunately he is not in this world today. Like them, there have been many children who have been compelled to do so, yet they succeeded in proving themselves.

The question is not, whether & how you will ensure the future of your child but the question is how you will know the capability of your child?

To know about the talent of any person, we check the third house of the horoscope. Similarly, to know about education and understanding, we see the fifth house of horoscope. To know whether the success can be achieved in the opposite conditions, we check the eighth house of the horoscope. The sixth house of the horoscope tells about the ability to conquer any stereotype and win the competition. The ninth house is studied for guidance. The tenth house of the horoscope gives us information about the deeds of a person, what he will do for the livelihood. Despite constant failure in efforts, quality of once again collecting the courage can be checked through the twelfth house of the horoscope.

So if you want to know all about your child baby boy or baby girl just give me his / her full birth details & apply for consultation using the link below.

The consultation fee for child prediction is 2100 Rs only.

Child Prediction


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