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Who can wear Ruby?

The gemstone Ruby is related to the sun. Along with being the gemstone of the sun, it is considered to be the king of gemstones. Today I will tell you everything about how this stone can help you excel in life.

Ruby – Perfect for Civil Servants and Officers:

It can be very helpful to people in administrative or management jobs. Rubies are very beneficial to people who may be self employed or who have a lot of people working under them. For example, someone who works as a clerk or peon in a government department may not benefit a lot from wearing Ruby, but someone who has several subordinates reporting to him/her can benefit a lot.

Ruby Can Help People Overcome Medical Problems:

Ruby is strongly recommended for people who have the following medical or health related problems:

  1. Injury of the back-bone
  2. Back-bone related diseases
  3. High uric acid levels
  4. Increase in hair loss.

Such people will be highly benefited by wearing the ruby gem stone and may wear it without any hesitation.

Seek Proper Consultation Before Wearing Ruby:

For any gemstone, ruby as well as other gemstones, it is important to remember, that only specific sized stones are suitable for a particular person. A change in the size, either more or less, may not be suitable to the person who is wearing it.

In some cases, a combination of the gemstone and metal also is not suitable to a person. He or she may experience skin problems, or discomfort. Many times it is favourable to use the gemstone by itself—without any metal. A person may feel the benefits of the gemstone by simply keeping it close to him.

We recommend that all other individuals contact us before wearing a gemstone. We will advise the correct use of gemstone based on your birth-chart or horoscope.

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