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Sometimes in today’s world of fast life, some people feel lonely in the crowd. They find themselves unable to sort out the complex problems. In many cases, people can’t explain their situation. Then they surrender themselves in the flow of worldly river without knowing where the flow will take.

As far as the solution is concerned from their heart they don’t want the solution because their heart is insisting that either I want all or nothing.

Now I come to the topic. Whenever you feel that you are surrounded by the problems from all corner then keep one thing in your mind that neither you are the first who is facing this kind of situation nor you are alone. Always keep in your mind that you are not weak. You are competent to do anything. Only one thing is required that is don’t feel yourself alone and don’t live alone.

Try this Kite remedy 

Take one kite, it should be made of paper. Now write down your problem on the kite with the ink of onion. Fly this kite far away in the sky. When this kite reach at the highest point then leave the string of the kite. If you find yourself unable to fly the kite then you may take the help of any child who is trained in flying kite. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is that you have to leave the kite along with its string.

No doubt your problem will definitely go away as the kite goes far away from you. Trust me and try once, I am sure your belief in the astrology will become much stronger than before. 

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