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Kundali matching

Kundali Matching

If you are married and your married life is not going good and if you are curious about your future this report is going to help you and to clear all your doubts. In kundali matching report I will explain the things so that you can take your decision.

Here is what you will get in paid kundali matching report with solutions, remedies.

Manual Compatibility

In astrology there are Gun Milan which is also called Gun Kutas. In this section report we analyze how many points are there out of 36. What is effect of the scores. This feature is available to many websites but we do it completely manual. The other thing is computer generated reports could be wrong even we provide solutions also which is not possible in computer generated matchmaking.

Doshas and their solutions

If you are facing relationship issues, gaps and something is not good in your married life, your horoscope must have a reason. If there is any problem we also provide solutions which are tested and verified. Suppose you are a Manglik and your partner is Non Manglik this is not good for the health of your partner. In that case we check if any solution exists in your horoscope.

Divorce possibility

Sometimes relationship becomes too much critical that a person thinks of divorce or get separated. If so what are the reason in horoscope or is there any chance of separation in horoscope, we will tell you. We tell you clearly so you can decide what to do next.

Our reading has helped a lot of people in this regard. We have saved so many people from divorce. We tell in this report whether divorce will be a right choice or it will be critical.

What we need

We need only birth details of Boy and Girl like date of birth time of birth and place of birth to analyze horoscope with the depth of details.

Plus you need to pay 2100 Rs. as consultation. The report will be delivered within a week. If you are in rush you can request your reading within 3 days after payment. But this is a manual report and we really need enough time.

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