Extra Marital Affairs

Extra Marital Affairs

It happens and there is nothing unnatural in it. In fact, this is the natural instinct but no doubt, neither in the society nor socially it is acceptable. In spite of all these things sometimes it becomes essential.

In this complex situation, people normally deprive the help of their near and dear ones in this need of the hour.

Situation for the Women

The extramarital affair is a very difficult situation, especially for women. Women shall take this kind of step in extreme circumstances. For extramarital affairs, she will feel guilt forever. If in any case, she feels no guilt for her actions then we will assume her the victim of her fate.

There is a famous Gemstone named as Opel. When we see it, It looks as if the stars are twinkling on it. If you are the victim of fate then take the Opel and put it under your pillow before going to sleep. In the morning, when you will wake up you will get the solution of your problem.

Situation for the Men

If we do any wrong act then we should remorse for the same. In the same way, when we receive the continuous failure we should introspection for our failure. But it is seen that there are very few people who choose to introspection for their failures. If you have met with failure and have chosen introspection to know the reason of your failure then I suggest you get a Moonstone and put the same under your pillow before the sleep. In the morning, you will come to know what you should do.

There are many things, many experiences bitter & sweet which we don’t share with anyone. Even, we don’t want to recall them in our memory. But Astrology says that if you are facing the problem which you are unable to share with anyone. I suggest you get a Bhojpatra (a kind of special leaf) and write down your problem with the onion juice on it and bury it. You will see that the solution to your problem will come automatically in your mind.