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Career Horoscope by Ashok Prajapati

Career Horoscope

Many youngsters are keen to know about their future specifically about their career the Career horoscope will guide you to adopt the right path that will take your career to greater heights of success. This report will be about your detailed career analysis in next 5 years.

Career Horoscope by date of birth & time

Career Horoscope by Date of Birth

We provide accurate career horoscope that is made after in-depth study and analysis of your date of birth time of birth and place of birth. So, make sure that you provide complete and correct birth details for career astrology report. All the horoscope personally studied by me, which ensures that the level of accuracy. Studying horoscope is a serious task that requires ample time and concentration, so I make sure that I read only 10 to 15 horoscopes each day. The personalized reports are sent via e-mail within 5 to 7 days. We even provide voice support and consultation after sending the report.

What does career horoscope include?

We provide a detailed report and forecasts related to your career as per astrology and guide you to choose a career that will guarantee success. We give you astrological information of your good & bad planets so that you can put your efforts in the right field and direction. Our services include:

  • When will you get the job or change in current job.
  • Overall Planets & their effect on your career.
  • Good field for you & what is not good for you.
  • Good & bad periods of your life for career.
  • Job change prediction.
  • Business or job what is best fit for you.
  • The turning point of your career.
  • Best time to start a business or move to another job.
  • Remedies for your good career.
  • Abroad settlement or overseas opportunity.

Let’s get into the detail.

Overall planetary position for your career

The positions of planets in your birth chart decide your career. Our predictions include information related to your career in general- whether you have the ‘yog’ (ideal planetary positions) of a government job, private job, business or a job abroad. Some people have lots of responsibilities on their shoulders. Our forecast also tells you whether you’ll be able to live you to the expectations.

Which field is good for you by astrology and what is not recommended?

It is essential to know which fields will suit you while which will bring bad luck to you. In your career horoscope, I will find out the fields that are auspicious for you and the ones that you shouldn’t choose. There are many people who shift from finance to banking and vice-versa but success is only guaranteed only if the field is good for you. I will provide business prediction and let you know if your stars will favor you in your business. Even it will include share market prediction whereby we can guide you if you can invest in share market or not. Career Horoscope guides you to choose a career in those fields that are good for you.

Good and bad phases for your career

Our life is divided into different phases. These phases called Mahadasha (Period) and Antardasha (sub period) in astrology. Some phases may be really good for our career while some may not be that much suitable for us. Golden phases are those when you’ll gain huge success, hike in salaries and promotion. You are sure to get immense success in whichever domain you’ll choose during your golden phase. Similarly, there are bad phases where you should be very much careful in your workplace or in investing in your business. So, a forecast of such phases guides you to use the golden period to the fullest and be careful in the bad phases. In this career horoscope you will get a monthly prediction (next 3-6 months) of your career and a 5-year report that will tell you how will be your career during the period.

Job change prediction

If your stars are favoring you, then it is sure that you’ll receive job proposals from every side but the main question is- will the new job be secure, rewarding and long-lasting? So, career astrology can help you in such situations. Bad stars always bring the situation of confusion and it is astrology that can help you in such times. Rahu makes you greedy and often compels you to leave a decent job due to small reasons. Our prediction can provide you predictions related to present job and future job prospects. We warn you about the risky phases and help you in making a good decision.

The Turning point of your career

Sometimes your life takes a new turn. This turn of life depends upon the major planetary change in your horoscope. You may have to leave your place or there might be a change in the city or country. Our prediction informs you about that period when your life will completely change.

Abroad Settlement by astrology

Many people want to work in abroad so our prediction also tells you whether you have chances of abroad settlement as per astrology or not. If yes, when will be the best time when you will go abroad.

Recommendations & Remedies

You can’t change your destiny but with the help of the remedies, you can reduce the bad effects of planets on your career. In this report, you will get remedies also that is suitable for you according to your religion, feasibility, and convenience. Whatever I will recommend you will be highly beneficial to give you the required results. The remedies are based on personal experience which already helped a lot of people. You can see the reviews of my customers.


This Career horoscope can guide you in the proper direction and inform you about the good and bad phases of your career. However, it does not simply mean that if your horoscope shows an amazing career, then you would stop putting efforts and wait for the success to come your way. Remember that nothing comes on its own rather you have to put your best efforts to get everything. But, your stars can help you in getting success easily. You can apply for a detailed career horoscope including business prediction, share market prediction and government job prediction at just INR 2100. (Minimum charges for Overseas Customers are $51)

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