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Abroad Settlement in 2019-20

Will I go abroad this year?

If you are trying for abroad settlement from longtime astrology can tell you a clear answer about whether you will go abroad this year or not.
In previous articles, I have well explained the abroad settlement by astrology. In the present article, I will explain as per 12 zodiac sign what are the chances of going abroad this year.

Abroad Settlement by date of birth
Abroad Settlement by Date of Birth

The month June has come and 6 months of this year has left in this year. But my prediction is for next year also.

Let’s start with the first zodiac sign Aries.


Aries have 9th House Lord Jupiter situated in the eighth house before November you have good opportunities and before November your abroad plans will be fulfilled but after November Jupiter will be in Sagittarius which is the best position of Jupiter and the 9th house is related to abroad travel long distance travel.

So if you are Aries your efforts to go abroad will be meaningful this year and next year.


Taurus abroad settlement. Sun and Saturn are key planets for you to go abroad, unfortunately, e this time complicated planetary position exists so No Chance At least till February 2020 but after February 2020 you can expect good news from abroad.


Gemini sign has Saturn aspect in 9th house things will take time but till January you should get good news about your abroad settlement.


Cancer Sign has Saturn in 6th house giving success all over so this year your efforts will not go waste. You should try your best in the near future your visa problems will be solved.


Leo Sign has Mars the key planet for abroad settlement this year and next year no chance.


Virgo Sign has Saturn in 4th house and everyone knows that Saturn takes time till February no luck for abroad settlement and after February Jupiter’s presence in 4th house will give you success so after February you should try.


Libra Sign has 3rd house Saturn and second house Jupiter both favorable you can go abroad this year next year anytime just do some remedies for Saturn.


Scorpio Sign has a big problem of Saturn in the 2nd house so show all efforts will go into the vein.


Sagittarius is also going through the complicated planetary position of Saturn Rahu Ketu this time If you leave the idea of abroad that would be favorable to you.


Capricorn is undergoing Saturn’s period and a lot of expenses are yet to take place. I would recommend you to keep calm and there are other priorities in your life right now. Even next year is also not good for your abroad travel.


For Aquarius sign, abroad settlement is always dependent upon Venus period and currently, Venus is situated in Aries.

This is short distance travel so you can go to the countries near you the long distance abroad settlement is not there.


Saturn’s favorable position in 11th house will fulfill your requirements and there is no problem in Abroad settlement.


For Pisces sign planetary position is favorable to go abroad but without obstacles, you cannot go.

After February Saturn’s position will be changed and you can go abroad after February 2019.