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Astrology Benefits of wearing a pearl. Gemstone Astrology

Gemstone Astrology: Effects of Pearl Gemstone

General Description of Pearl In the Gemstone Astrology, all planets are associated with different Gemstone. Every planet has its own gemstone. Here I am talking about the Pearl so I will describe in brief about the Pearl. The Pearl come into existence naturally in the deepwater of the sea. It comes in many colours like white, pink, cream even black ...

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Who can wear moon gemstone pearl

Who can wear South Sea Pearl

As per Indian astrology Pearl is the Gemstone of Moon. By wearing Pearl, Moon gets strength. This increases self confidence and Memory by diminishing mental impairment. This gem pacifies anger. Those who usually suffers with Cold will recover very soon by wearing Pearl. In different Lagna’s it has different results. By wearing Pearl Ascendant Aries people gets success in Property, ...

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