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Marriage Prediction

If you are looking for marriage prediction or marriage horoscope by email, I will answer the question many people ask when will I get married with precise detail. How will be your married life by horoscope & your date of birth? On your request, I will give you marriage prediction about your married life like how will be your married life, how will be your relations with your in-laws and other family members, chances of progress, how kind of family-like rich family educated or kind of people.

Before you read the full article you can send your birth details for analysis. You will get a free prediction of your marriage on your email address.

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Love or Arranged Marriage Prediction

Other than this I will explain about kind of marriage like Love or Arranged, Intercaste or Same Community. The reading will clear your doubts if you are already engaged with a person because I will tell you the type of marriage very clear. You will get married to a person of your choice or an unknown person will be your life partner.

 Life Partner Prediction based on Marriage Horoscope

Features of your life partner as Complexion of your life partner, appearance and personality I mean how will be your life partner by looks.

How will be your life partner?

I will explain in this report how will be your partner’s nature. About 2 paragraph on his nature will clear to whom you will get married. After reading report people usually says

I am already in relationship with someone who have same features.

Some of them say this is 100% accurate prediction. So if you are in the relationship this report will clarify whether you will get marry with the same person or someone else.

How will be life partner by Nature the Partner's Prediction
Who will I marry

Marriage Prediction based on the Direction of your marriage

Suppose you live in Mumbai East. You are working in Mumbai’s East direction then you will need a partner who is working at the nearest area unless you might have to change your job. This report will clear your doubt that if you get marry long-distance place then you could plan your future accordingly.

The direction of marriage is very important in this report. In the horoscope, there is always a planet who is very lucky for you. I will tell you which one planet is this and every planet is the owner of some direction like

Sun for East, Moon for North West, Saturn for West, Mars for South, Venus for South East, etc.

East West North South Directions For Marriage in Astrology
The distance of life partner.

A planet in your horoscope is always there who is so much auspicious for you and the direction of the same planet gives you always benefits, happiness and prosperity. I will tell you which one planet and direction is best for you.

Solutions for Marriage Delay, Divorce, Separation

Marriage Horoscope Prediction and Remedies

If there are chances of obstacles before or after marriage, I will tell you in the report with the solutions like if you are a Manglik I will tell you the way to decrease its negative effects. I hope you believe in remedies like mantras which you have to read yourself. I will tell you which mantra or which gemstone can change your life.

This report will have many other things which will be manually written by me only. I never hire astrologers to prepare reports. That is the reason I have limited time but if you have some doubts about reports even after you get it in the email I will give you a chance to clear doubts over the phone. Usually, it takes 3-4 days for me to prepare a report but sometimes due to a lot of rush, it’s hard for me to deliver it within a week. So if you are in rush just give me a call on the given numbers.

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Already married? Any problem in married life? Apply for Horoscope Matching Report.

If you are already married you can request your marriage prediction so that you can improve your relationship. You might have several questions in your mind. Based on the conversation every day for marriage prediction we have already created a list of questions. You can expect the answer to those questions in your marriage horoscope report.

Here are the questions we will cover in the report.

  1. How will be married life ahead?
  2. Will this marriage last or not.
  3. When will I get divorce.
  4. How to improve the relationship.
  5. Is there any remedy to save the marriage.
  6. Will I get separated.
  7. Will I have 2nd marriage.
  8. How will be 2nd marriage and married life?
  9. How will be my 2nd life partner?
  10. Marriage age prediction for the second marriage?
  11. Type of my 2nd marriage, love or arranged.
  12. The direction of 2nd marriage.
  13. Is there any way to get divorced soon.
  14. Never want to marry again how will be life?
  15. Kids future after divorce.

Limit of questions

You might have your own questions no issues you can send your questions in the form below. Based on your questions I will send a payment link to prepare your report. This report will be fully manual & always take time. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

For the 2nd marriage prediction report, the consultation fee is 1100/- only. You can choose any 7 questions of your choice.

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2nd Marriage Prediction – 1100/-

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No hidden charges

The consultation fee for any 4 questions is 551/- only. If you need full detailed marriage prediction you can pay 1100/- & you will get the reading.

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Please note that this service is applicable to the people residing in India only.

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