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Who can wear Emerald (Panna)?

Emerald (Panna):

Emerald (Panna) is a very good and highly beneficial gemstone. It is very beautiful and also has many benefits. The emerald is very popular as it gives peace of mind, calmness to the heart, and is also very good for the eyes.

Emerald is very helpful to businessmen and traders:

Emerald can be very beneficial to businessmen, traders, and merchants. A person who wears an emerald gemstone becomes a smart and successful businessman. Wearing an emerald gemstone helps in increasing income and revenue. It ensures that your business is prosperous and wearing an emerald will help businessmen to increase profits.

Emerald is favorable for improving customer relations and marketing:

The emerald has a positive effect on those who are constantly dealing with people. It is very helpful to people who are working in customer relations and have to deal with customers every day. If you are working in a public relations job, the emerald will have a positive impact on your work and career. It also helps marketing managers and executives. The favorable effects of wearing emeralds will help you in winning over new customers and clients.

Emerald is suitable for people dealing in money:

Emerald is very helpful for people working in money related fields. It has a beneficial effect on people working in the banking sector, cashiers, insurance agents, brokers, and commission agents. It is especially helpful for Chartered Accountants. With the help of the good effect of emeralds, people in the finance field are able to become successful in their profession.

Emerald is important for people in the entertainment and broadcasting industry:

The positive effects of emerald are very good for people working in the entertainment and media industry. People who are working in the TV industry, news channels, communication fields, social media, digital marketing, and broadcasting fields will benefit a lot in their career, job or business due to the helping effect of wearing an emerald.

Emerald is beneficial to people in a variety of fields:

The emerald is particularly helpful for people who have to speak a lot. It can help people who are teachers, professors, school or college principals, and even politicians. It is also very helpful to supervisors or those who are experts at identifying other’s mistakes. Software engineers, computer technicians, defence personnel, defence security workers, and digital marketing agents can benefit largely by wearing an emerald gemstone.

Emerald gemstone solves many medical and health problems:

There are many health problems that can be solved by wearing an emerald gemstone. Emeralds are very helpful in removing problems related to speaking and speech. If a person has unclear speech or is suffering from a problem of stuttering, wearing an emerald gemstone helps them in overcoming this problem.

It is also recommended for people who have breathing trouble, breathlessness, and asthma. The emerald gemstone is especially helpful to people suffering from skin illness. People who are facing skin problems, allergies, and other dermatological issues should wear emerald gemstone to help get rid of their problems. Emerald also helps in reducing problems related to eyes, eyesight, and weak vision.

Before Choosing Emerald, Seek Expert Consultation:

Emeralds can make a positive difference in your life. Please send us your birth-chart, and we will give you detailed advice and instructions on how to wear emeralds based on your birth chart horoscope.  Our guide will help you in bringing about a positive change in your life!