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Government job yoga in horoscope

Government Job in Kundali

Everybody wants Government Job. Because once you got government job then need not to worry, you are secure for the whole life, besides this, there are several other benefits of Government job. After love & marriage-related questions, the people frequently asked the job-related questions especially government job.

12 houses of Horoscope or Kundali

I studied the horoscope chart of many people who are in Government Job and at the high post. The present article is the result of the study of same. I will try to explain my esteemed readers about the planetary positions & grah yoga, that are helpful in granting the government job. 

Government job in Kundali by Indian Astrology

The Ascendant (First house), Ninth house & Tenth house play the important role in granting a good job. A ninth house represents the destiny while the Tenth house represents the Karma. The placement of a beneficial planet in the Ascendant, Ninth & Tenth houses decide the path of Karma, in other words, the career of any person in his life.

Will I become an actor

If you have basic knowledge of astrology then you can easily predict about the job of any person after studying his horoscope. The following planetary positions will increase the possibilities of getting a government job to the person.

  • First, the presence of any planet in the tenth house.
  • The presence of Sun & Mars in the tenth house.
  • The presence of Rahu in the Lagna (first house) or in the fifth house or in the tenth house of the horoscope along with the lord of the tenth house.
  • Presence of powerful & benefic planets in the first house, ninth house & tenth house.
  • If the lord of 9th house and lord of 10th house interchange their house, if they aspect each other if they relate to each other.
  • If any of the rules becomes in Navmansh (The Navmansh is another chart in the horoscope) your life partner will be in the government job.

Government job yoga in kundali horoscope

Know Career as per horoscope

I have observed that the people in the government job are having the similar planetary position mentioned above. Their horoscope fulfilled all the above mentioned planetary positions.

Abroad settlement as per astrology

If you are doing hard to get the government job, you should check the planetary positions in your horoscope chart. I think it will increase your confidence. Finally, if you have any queries, use the comment form given below.

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Sudden Govt Job in the horoscope

Sometimes it happens that who don’t even deserve, is in government job by luck. I have seen many people who got the government job at the place of their father. It happens if…

  • Sun is affected by malefic planets.
  • 5th house connection with 11th house & weak Sun in the horoscope.
  • 5th house connection with a 10th house with positive Rahu.
  • Saturn with Sun always creates tragedy. But Saturn should not be negative.
  • Sun and Saturn connection with the powerful planet in 10th house.
  • Jupiter in 10th house of horoscope gives a comfortable job.

I have to say a lot of things about government job by planets & I will write more in the future also but I need the response of all my readers. If you like this post please press the like button and if you have some doubts please use the comment box below and in case you want career prediction just click here.

In the Next article, I am going to write about how kind of job you will have.


  1. Hello sir,
    Here are my details:
    Name- Bhavya Sri S
    D.O.B- 6 March 1994
    Time- 9:23 PM
    Place- Vizianagaram, Andhrapradesh

    Will I get a govt job?
    Please guide me. Thank You in advance

  2. Hello sir,
    Name: Koushik Das
    DOB: 02/01/1990
    Time: Night 12.40 pm, means (03/01/1990 time 00.40 am)
    I am from Bengal…
    Plz…let me know do i have any chance to get a government job?…….
    plz sir replay…

  3. Hello sir
    Will i get an government job my date of birth 13/10/93 time 21:05

  4. Dob:01/08/1993,
    Timing:01:20 am
    Do I have any government job chances r even private job please help me

  5. Hello sir I want some suggestions regarding my horoscope

  6. Dear sir
    My dob – 22/03/1990

    Time- 9.30 pm

    Place- Guwahati

    Sir is there any chances of government job in my kundali?

  7. Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 20-10-1992, time is night 11.30pm
    Place : west bengal, Tarakeswar, hooghly.
    What is the chances of Govt job.?

  8. sir dob 01/10/1991 birth time 07:10 pm birthplace kalyan [maharashtra] sir will i get job in government bank

  9. Sir,
    Will i get government job
    Iam preparing for police(SI) job
    When will i get job
    DOB : 19/11/1992
    TIME : approximately 9PM TO 11PM ( middle)
    Place : Eluru (west gidavri) Andhrapradesh

  10. will i get government job?

    DOB: 08-JUNE-1995
    TIME: 23:56

  11. sir I am Moni shankar banerjee from durgapur,my dob is 05.03.1991
    born at 10.10 am in durgapur. I am preparing for banking exam. what are my chances too be a govt employee?

  12. Sir, Please below is my birth details. I am seriously preparing for GOVT jobs. Please tell me if I will get govt job.
    DOB 07/04/1988
    TIME 05:20 PM

  13. Shweta Bhar.date of birth- 27/06/1994.time – 7:32 a.m. Monday.kolkata. I am preparing for government job.is there any possibility to get government job?. please reply sir as quick as possible.. thanks

  14. gaurav – 7th nov 1985 4:45am kanpur UP . sir i have been trying for IAS for 2 yrs , is there any possibility of govt job in my kundali . and career

  15. Sir,I am Preparing for the govt Job (Group A) . when i will succeed ?
    DOB-30/01/1989 MALE

    Please Reply

  16. DOB ā€“ 4-may-1990
    time ā€“ 15:45 ( this is the correct time). Pls ignore previous one

  17. dob-23 may 1991
    time-10:15 p.m
    Guruji, when will I get a govt. job spcially bank job ?

  18. I have been trying for govt job since 4 years. everytime i am missing with .25 or .50 marks. Is government job written in fate or not? please tell me if there is any chance that i will get government job?

    Name: Abhinav Jha
    DOB : 07Feb, 1991
    Place: Katihar
    Time: 6:24 PM

  19. Sir, Please below is my birth details. I am seriously preparing for GOVT jobs. Please tell me if I will get govt job. My 9th and 10th lord in the same house.

    DOB: 14-Jul-1989
    Time:5:30 PM
    Place: Bodi, TN, India

  20. bhuvaneswari valisetty

    i have done b-tech in ECE. i am trying for the government job but nothing is positive to me,i am in a deep depression not at all able to find the path.
    can you please tell me whether i can get the government job or not? if it is yes or no please reply me because i am in a big confusion.
    name – bhuvaneswari(female)
    DOB – 26-02-1995
    time – 23:20
    place – visakhapatnam state: andhra pradesh

  21. Sir my dob is 15 march 1990 when wil I get govt job n remedies for it

  22. Hello
    When i get the govt job..
    Name- jagriti porwal
    Time-4:20 am
    city -kanpur

  23. dear sir when would i get govt. job related to police , thana incharge , mppsc, defence etc
    date: 22/02/1991
    time : 07:00 am
    place : bhopal(m.p)

  24. dob- 20-02-1987
    tob- 9.15 am at bhatinda punjab

    i am a dentist..i want to know when will i get a good job or admission to post graduation ??
    plz help me

  25. Hello Sir,
    My Friend is worried whether he will get a government job or not? The details are:

    D.O.B- 23rd November 1990
    Time: 5:20 a.m
    Place of Birth : Pune

  26. Hello sir,
    Iā€™m doing b.tech in civil branch. I want to know when I will get a good job? Whether it will be a government job or a private job?? Here are my details:
    Name- Shobha (female)
    D.O.B- 30th september 1993
    Time- 10:50 PM
    Place- Delhi.
    Please guide me. Thank You in advance.

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