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Red Corel

Who can wear Red Coral?

Red Coral (also called Moonga) is one of the most important gemstones, with a lot of historical significance, and astrological importance. It is the gemstone of Mars planet, as per ancient Vedic astrology. Today I will tell you who all should wear this stone.

Red Coral – Perfect for Anyone in Life-Threatening Jobs:

Red Coral stone is the ideal stone for anybody employed in a job that can put their life at risk. This is why you’d see many senior police officers and army/defense personnel wearing this stone. Anybody working in the army, navy, and air force can benefit a lot from wearing this stone, as it creates an armor of positive and protective energy around you. Also, people employed in factories, and those who deal with dangerous equipment and machinery, such as chainsaws and woodcutting axes, can also benefit a lot from this stone. Also, firefighters and security guards can benefit by wearing this stone and keep life threatening situations away.

The Importance of Red Coral for Medical Professionals:

Surgeons, doctors, and all kinds of healthcare professional who deal with people having contagious diseases, or perform life-saving procedure, should also wear Red Coral. People who work in other kinds of dangerous jobs such as building glass window cleaners, construction workers etc. also have every reason to wear this stone. If your job requires you to exert a lot of physical strain, or if you work with heavy iron machinery, again, you must wear Red Coral.

How Students and Businessmen can Benefit from Red Coral?

There’s another great benefit of this ancient stone. Students and young adults who are facing trouble in pursuing their desired education courses will find that their problems will disappear slowly after they start wearing Red Coral. This is also highly recommended for students pursuing any kind of technical education, whether medicine, engineering, or anything else. Even someone who owns, manages, or is employed in businesses dealing with surgical equipment, medical appliances, and heavy/dangerous industrial machines should consider using the healing and protecting powers of this stone for their well being.

Red Coral for Bringing Positivity in Life:

I have recommended Red Coral to many of clients who were facing a lot of clashes in their lives, whether it is about family matters, or legal matters, and all of them experience peace of mind as well as the resolution of conflicts because of the restorative power of this gem. If you’re battling a difficult court case, or a police case, it’s important that you wear this stone immediately to protect yourself. If you feel the fear of being involved in an accident, or have narrowly escaped an accident on the road, again, Red Coral is highly recommended for you.

How Red Coral Can Help Overcome Medical Problems?

Medical problems often create a lot of stress in households, particularly when someone is to undergo surgery. This is where the protecting energy of Red Coral can improve things. If you are recovering from a surgery, or have been told by the doctors to undergo a risky surgery, give a chance to this stone. Many of my clients have escaped the trouble of surgery because of the restorative power of Red Coral. Also, for people facing diseases of the lower half of the body, and for girls/women having medical problems related to menstruation, Red Coral is a very important stone.

Red Coral Helps Keep Negativity Away:

The positive energy created by Red Coral is highly beneficial for people who feel a lot of negativity about things in their lives, and those who have anger management issues. I have recommended this stone to many clients who were facing problems in their marriage planning because of the effect of Mars.

Consult Before Wearing Red Coral for Maximum Benefit:

Although Red Coral has numerous positive influences on your life, it’s highly recommended to wear it only after thorough consultation with a veteran astrologer. You can share your horoscope with me, and I will explain whether you should wear this stone, how you should wear it, and for how long you should wear it.

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