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Astrology Predictions May 2019 by Ashok Prajapati

Monthly Astrology Predictions May 2019 by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

May could be highly exciting or a highly challenging month for you, based on the impact of current planetary positions and changes they will undergo during the month. How will May 2019 be for me – that’s the one question I’ve been asked most often for the past few days, so in this guide, I will answer that and give you accurate May 2019 astrology predictions.

What Do The Planetary Movements for May 2019 Mean For You?

Before I answer this in detail let me begin by telling about some of the important planets and their movements for May 2019.

Mars Planet Movement For May 2019 – What Does It Mean For You?

Mars transits Taurus to Gemini, and the planet’s movements will directly impact people with Scorpio and Leo zodiac signs. Sagittarians will also feel things changing very quickly because of this. May is going to be an amazing month for people who can strike the right balance between aggression and humility. People who are generally quick on their feet, can think quickly and spontaneously will enjoy this month. However, those who always struggle with laziness will find the going tough. Join me, as I tell you how will May 2019 be for you.

Mercury, Venus, and Sun Movements for 2019 – Impact on You

Because Mercury is benevolent, this is the time to not think a lot about investments or money matters, and instead, think about deeper things that matter in your life.

Venus planer’s movements have created a rare period where people associated with arts such as the movie industry, authors, actors, and painters, etc. will reap a lot of benefits. I encourage all my readers from Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune – if you want to try your luck in the movie industry, May is the month to go to Bombay and try your best.

Sun is retrograde in Sagittarius, which means that time will seem like at a standstill for people from Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. Don’t let boredom demotivate you, instead you must try extra hard to find inspiration and achieve your goals. Think of May as a dry period, and see what you can do to make it interesting.

Rahu and Ketu are residing in Sagittarius for May which means that risk takers will be heavily rewarded. No wonders, people are trying their luck in bookmaking websites for sports events, and sports apps that pay heavily to people who predict outcomes correctly. If you have been waiting for the right time to try your luck, this is it!

Who Will Success and Who Will Fail in May 2019? – Astrology Predictions

Taurus – because you like life at a slow pace, I must warn you that Mars planet will bring trouble for you if you don’t change. Be like Scorpio, who are always quick and active. Strangely, they will find their speed of progress towards their goals very slow, in spite of their efforts. That’s the impact of Mars.

All readers with zodiac signs Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra – mark my words, you need to be extra cautious, and stay away from situations where you might be exposed to risk. Accidents and severe injuries could happen, so it’s smart to know more about how May 2019 will be for you, as per planetary movements.

I know there’s only one question you want to ask at the moment – how will May 2019 be for me? Here, I will tell you how the month will be for you, based on your zodiac sign.

May 2019 Prediction for Aries – Moderate Success

Aries Predictions May 2019

Because of family trouble and lack of peace at home, you will find it hard to concentrate on work. Be prepared to face huge expenses, which you might not expect. Till the time Mercury and Venus remain in Sagittarius, success will be hard and will make you work very hard. My advice – be patient, don’t take any risks, and wait for the planets to change their positions. Watch out for June 2019 predictions.

May 2019 Prediction for Taurus – Be Prepared to Fight Stress

Taurus Predictions May 2019

Be prepared to face that difficult feeling of restlessness. In spite of your extremely hard work, results are not within reach yet. Money is coming in at a decent rate, but your expenses are not letting you enhance your savings. Don’t eat junk food, as you might face stomach pains. Take care of your mental health, as May will be a stressful month for you.

May 2019 Prediction for Gemini – Financial Gains

Gemini Predictions May 2019

You will find the motivation to take your career and business to the next level. However, untimely and large expenses might pull you down, so be on your guard. Your heart has been telling you to take a risk in sports betting. If you want to do it, May is a suitable month because your plants have a surprise financial gain in store for you. A word of caution – take calculative risks, and only after consulting someone trustworthy.

May 2019 Prediction for Cancer – Good Times Ahead

Stars are shining bright for you, and the time is right for your dreams to come true. Be prepared to witness the fruit of your labors. However, don’t be disappointed if you sense things are slipping away, because it will eventually turn out alright. Family problems are likely, and this could spoil the atmosphere of your home. Abroad travel might not happen anytime soon, be patient.

May 2019 Prediction for Leo – Lot of Work, Lot of Success

Leo Predictions May 2019

May will swamp you with a lot of work. Keep heart, because your results will be good, and the rewards will be amazing. Expect work related stress and anxiety. Also, relationship problems and issues related to childbirth or children will give you a lot of stress.

May 2019 Prediction for Virgo – Problems in Marriage

Virgo Predictions May 2019

May will bring heartbreak, as a seemingly fruitful relationship might be disturbed, causing a delay in marriage preparations. Don’t lose heart, as there will be several other proposals coming your way. Progress in relationship matters will be slow. Property disputes might not turn out in your favor. This and other court procedures will be a cause of stress. You will face some tough choices and might make immoral decisions, which will make you feel bad. So it’s important to remain patient and committed, and wait for the month to pass without causing any damage.

May 2019 Prediction for Libra – A Difficult Month

May might not be very eventful for you. Try hard not to get into arguments, particularly with your siblings, as relationships could suffer because of that. There is potential risk of an accident or severe injury, so drive safely and avoid hard physical work. Students will have to wait for May to end before their pending plans work out. There will be good progress in marriage planning, which is a good sign.

May 2019 Prediction for Scorpio – A Difficult Month

Health problems will keep you busy. Those trying to lose weight will gain more, and those trying to gain will lose weight, it’s that kind of a month. Avoid overthinking about people whom you don’t like, and don’t let your opponents discourage you. Instead, focus on acquiring a new skill that will help keep you busy. Family problems will cause stress at home. Anxiety about marriage and family will not let you work at full productivity.

May 2019 Prediction for Sagittarius – Good Time For Love

Although work has been a lot for you, May will be a good month for you. The work volume will rise and fall, so balance your priorities. Results might not be in proportion to your efforts. Large expenses are on the cards. If you have planning a property purchase or to build a home, this is the time to take action. Movement of Mercury will make May ideal for love to enter your life. This month could be instrumental in finalizing marriage with your loved one.

May 2019 Prediction for Capricorn – Restlessness and Troubles

Expect tough times financially. Anxiety and restlessness might become regular parts of your life if you don’t take proper care of your mental health. People around you, friends and family included, will continue to pull you down and cause a lot of insecurity. The best option is to not talk a lot and let the month pass by without causing any damage.

May 2019 Prediction for Aquarius – Don’t Let Inaction Spoil A Great Month

Be prepared to witness success from all directions. This is the right time to upgrade your skills and look for a more rewarding career. Learn to differentiate between problems and responsibilities, and you will do well. Finances will be in good shape, and your plans will progress as you want them to. Make the most of the month.

May 2019 Prediction for Pisces – Ups and Downs

Although you will enjoy your work, results will take more time to become obvious, so it’s important to remain patient. Workload might increase suddenly, and then become stable. Cash flow will be healthy. You may have to wait more before you get the expected job, or a promotion in current job. Try hard to stay focused on your work, and May will give you more than what it will take from you. Family problems will progress towards a solution.

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