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When will your daughter get married

When will your Daughter get married

If you want to know your daughter’s marriage prediction by her date of birth this post is for you because a daughter’s marriage is always a big event in the life of every parent. 

In this post, you will be able to know, when are the chances of your daughter’s marriage along with the challenges of her married life. Presenting some excerpt from my book (Releasing soon), hope it will be useful for you all.

Marriage prediction of your daughter

Parents always feel concerned when it comes to tying a knot for their daughters. They believe “A daughter is someone else’s asset held in trust. She is destined to leave us”. When a daughter gets married, by societal ritual she leaves her parents, which is a separation categorically. In Astrology Rahu, Ketu, Mercury and, Sun acts as a separation agent along with the lord of the twelfth house.

Here are some rules of astroogy for your daughter’s marriage

  • Mercury is a significator of daughter thus, major period (Mahadasha) of mercury or segmented period (Sub-Period) of mercury dictate the possibility of marriage. Keeping a horoscope in focus, the 5th house of horoscope is of the child and in the fifth house of your child whichever is the planet position or segmented position endows your daughter’s marriage.
  • Venus’ major period or segmented period (Antardasha) dictate the possibility of your daughter’s marriage.
  • It is believed that your daughter gets married when the fifth house is influenced by sun, mercury, and Rahu, according to transit horoscope.
  • When Saturn is placed to fifth place from the birth horoscope, A daughter can get married.
  • When Jupiter comes in the combinations in your horoscope it helps a child getting married. Jupiter comes for 13 months and in that period in case, a planet of woman place itself in the fifth house is a signal that daughter can get married.

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Miraculous Remedies for your Daughter’s Marriage delay

If your daughter is not getting married with whatever the reason. Do not get upset, here are some solutions which is been tried by thousands of people.

  • Buy a good quality coconut from your nearest provision store. Cut the upper ten percent of part. Now, Mix some flour with a spoonful of clarified butter (Ghee) add a spoon of sugar, cook this mixture on a very low flame. Fill the coconut with the mixture prepared and close the coconut with a cut out lid befoe. Press this coconut ball in the ground where ants are likely to be in majority.
  • This task should be performed by a person whose marriage gets delayed so, in this case your daughter will perform this task.
  • This task is to be preferred to perform on Saturdays.
  • The coconut pressed in ground is an religious offering which will be eaten by small insects in few months and it helps your daughter to get married.

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