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For personal appointment you can visit Ambala Office.

For appointment – [email protected]

You can pay 1500 Rs for appointment here.  After payment you can send email and tell your convenient time. We will give you 40 to 50 min personal consultation and on the given time you can ask whatever you want to ask about your horoscope

Note: Before payment please make sure about availability. You can expect personal appointment on the next day after payment.

For more details please call at 86890 91489.  You can leave your whatsapp  messages at 8929 187 187.


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  1. I hope you are happy with the report we already sent on 15 Nov 2017 at 16:36 on your email. Please give us your review as I requested with you.

    • Hello sir.. I have paid for my career prediction online. When I vl get my prediction report? My Merchant Reference Number : 130418071743 and my END payment Id: 99079585

  2. Hello sir, I have made the payment online. When will I get the marriage prediction?
    Merchant 04127143306
    EBS 88227029

    • Dear Neha, Today our office is closed due to some personal reasons. That is the reason after payment the thanks email are not going on time. You will get your report within 5 to 7 days from the date of payment. In case of any urgent issue you can call at 94674 19272. More numbers are given in the email I sent you before payment. Please wait and keep patience.

  3. Ashokji namaste, i m paid customer for marriage prediction,i have made payment on Oct 15
    ….Date : 2017-10-15 15:45:34
    Merchant Reference Number : 151017101615
    EBS Payment ID : 85287470
    Payment Mode : VISA Debit Card
    when will i get the report

  4. hello sir i have sent you my astro details like dob,tob etc with my question.and paid for it.my transaction details are as follows
    merchant reference number 300917040750
    EBS payment ID 84231906

    So sir please tell me when will i get my report.

  5. I have ordered my marriage prediction on 18Aug .when will i get it ??

  6. I have ordered my marriage prediction on 15 th june.when will i get it ??

  7. I have ordered prediction twice by mistake…i got two payment confirmation mails …how can i get refund of the second transaction

  8. Tomorrow you will get your report.

  9. Tomorrow you will get your reading.

  10. I have ordered marriage twice by mistake…i got confirmation mail once…how can i get refund of the second transaction sir

  11. birth time 12:46 pm

  12. my date of birth is 17.01.1997 and my birth time is 12:46 i wanted to know about my marriage

  13. my date of birth is 17.01.1997 and my birth time is 12:46 do i have chance of getting love marriage

  14. Hello sir
    Will i get a govt job or not?
    My dob-15/11/1986
    Time-12. 10 afternoon

  15. Will i get a govt job??
    my date of birth is 15/11/1986
    place -kolkata and time -12.10afternoon

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am interested in getting my career report. I also filled the online form and paid 1500 Rs. Amount got deducted from my HDFC account but I received an email from horoscope india about incomplete payment. Now I am not sure what to do. I want my career report but don’t want to pay again for the same thing.

    Please let me know how we can work this out.


  17. sir please let me know about my job and marriage related issue.i am getting failure in my settelmen tplease advice for my career growth.should i still wait for good job or go for bussiness.
    my dob-19/04/1982
    timing-2.20 am

  18. Vishal K Jangid

    Dear sir
    my atma karka is sun and is debilliated in 12 house with ascendent Lord can I wear the stone of sun for job related problem

  19. Hello,

    I am going through lots of issues where I am having lots of delays in the projects I want to accomplish, financial crisis, debts and everything is going wrong. It seems like everything is going against me.

    Please help me understand and when will I get relief from this.

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