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If Yellow Sapphire not suitable

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire

As per Indian Astrology yellow sapphire is also called Pukhraj. This is a Jupiter’s Gemstone. The specialty of this gem is that it shows results within 1 month. Its results/ benefits are constant. This is quite a magical gem. It is said that it is more fruitful for ladies. But as per my experience, it is beneficial for both male & females.

This is true that the girls who are looking for marriage get marry soon by wearing yellow sapphire. And this is also true that who have lost their job, will get a suitable job soon by wearing this. But still check thoroughly before wearing this because it is very costly.

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Please check in your horoscope before wearing Yellow sapphire, how much will it be useful for you. Sometimes gems do suit a person but its effects are less. Given below the results of Yellow Sapphire as per ascendant.

It shines fate of Aries ascendant people. Good luck comes and Bad luck vanishes. You will be able to make balance between income & expenditures. Children will bring pleasure and Children related Problems will vanish.

  • For Taurus Lagna people it is more harmful than benefit.
  • Ascendant Gemini’s must not wear this gemstone.
  • For Cancer ascendant, this is a fruitful gemstone.
  • For Leo ascendant People this gem is very good. It will help in children related problems. It is helpful in love affairs. Generally  Yellow Sapphire is to be worn in first finger but as per my personal experience if Leo ascendant people wear this gem in Ring Finger it will be more fruitful.
  • Virgo’s must not wear this gem.
  • For Libra ascendant people Jupiter is MARAK so don’t wear this gem.
  • For Scorpio ascendant people Yellow sapphire is very auspicious. Financial gain, Progeny pleasure, Fortune, success in love affairs & in studies will be there for Scorpions by wearing this gem.
  • Yellow sapphire is good for Sagittarius. Health stabilizes. Gives success in social work. Pleasure of vehicle will come. Will get success in property related matters.
  • Capricorns avoid this gem.
  • It is averagely fruitful for Aquarian.
  • For ascendant Pieces, there is not much more suitable gem than Yellow Sapphire.

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  1. Good day Sir.

    This is with regards to my present situation as per Astrology, DOB- 26/12/76. TOB- Early Morning after Mid Night Approx. I had consulted a couple of Astrologers in Hyderabad as i am going thru career crisis at present & also financial problems related to debts. I was told to wear Pukhraj ring by one & the other told me to wear Gomed ring. I would like to know can i wear both Rings or Not.
    Kindly, advise.

    Thanks indeed.

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