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Success in Love

Success in Love Astrology

Will my love come back

Will my love come back?

Will my Love Succeed?

Will my love be successful?

Will my love turn into marriage


These days every youth girl or boy wants the answer of above questions. These questions hover in the mind of today’s youth. In search of answer of above questions he/she may go from one place to another because sometimes it becomes the question of his life.

I shall try my best to answer these questions through astrology. I assure you that astrology is not a magic but it is mathematical calculations and gives the accurate answer provided you give the correct information.

As per Greece-Roman mythology Venus is the goddess of Love. As per Vedic astrology Venus represents love, romance, opposite sex, pleasure besides other things. If Venus‘s position is weak in the horoscope chart then possibilities of betrayal in love increase.

I observe many horoscope charts in which due to Venus’s weak position not only leads the native to total failure in life but gives him/her twinge for life time, remembrance of the failure of love pricks in his/her heart for life time. The more the Venus weak in horoscope chart the more he/she will have to suffer in love.

Venus’s retrograde motion in horoscope chart also shows failure in love relationship. When Mars sees Venus with its full sight in horoscope chart the Native separate from his/her love partner.

The Native fails to get love from his partner in case of Venus is influenced by Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in his/her horoscope chart.

When Venus gets the strong position in the horoscope chart and it remains under the influence of benefic planets especially Moon, Jupiter & Mercury then Love & Romance grows in the life of Native. He/She gets the helpful people & friend, his/her love, romance flourish under the support of friends & supporters. He/She gets success definitely in his/her love relationship.

It is crystal clear that strong Venus is the indication of success in Love & weak Venus is the failure in the Love.

But apart from all things I would like to make it clear that with one sight on horoscope birth chart no astrologer can tell you that your Venus or any other planet is strong or weak. As per Vedic astrology there are sixteen types of horoscope chart. To predict only ascendant chart is not enough but Shodash Varg & Ashtak Varg are also equally important. To know the power of any planet thorough study & deep analysis of Shodash Varg and Ashtak Varg is essential.

When you come to know that one or more than one particular planet is weak in your horoscope chart then what you will do? As per the indian astrology some remedies has been given to make any planet strong. To get success in Love/Romance it is necessary to make Venus strong. There are so many remedy to make Venus strong.

Following are some remedy which shall definitely work:-

Purchase a Lock of steel. Close the Lock, leave the Key in it and donate this Lock & Key in any temple. When someone will open this Lock, the lock of your luck will also open.


Another remedy which is tried many times, purchase a jointless Kada (bracelet) on Friday. Its weight should be exact 21 Grams. This remedy gives power to Venus.
I have so many remedies to make Venus powerful which are remarkable I have some limitations and each & every remedy can’t describe here.


  1. Will my would-be life partner love me now & even after marriage?

  2. Namaste sir my dob 1 sep 1986, time 3:15 am, place: bareilly female
    When will i get married? Is there luv or arrange marrg in my horoscope?How will be my husband nature?
    Sir pls pls tell it will be ur great favour

  3. Dear Ashok Ji,

    I haven’t received any message from you. kindly reply me as soon as possible..I really need this answer and can u please do it soon??..it is a request to reply me as soon as possible

  4. hi i am lechu. my date of birth is 23/04/1989. time : 10:10 am. i want to marry my love. when will it happen. i think he is staying away from me. please help me

  5. i want to ask about my brother. he loves a girl but we dont dont want this marriage to happen. can you please tell me that will he have love or arrange marriage? and when will he get married? is there government job in his kundali?
    his details are-

    d.o.b- 19 july 1988
    t.o.b – 1:50 am
    place of birth- delhi


  7. Dear Ashok ji,
    As the above question when iposted it, it has been showing as ” your comment is awaiting moderation”. as I couldnt understand it..so I am posting it again. Sorry for double posting it. and hope u will give me the answer.
    BOYDOB:- 20-08-1985 time:-19.20 pm place:-Hyderabad.
    GIRL DOB:- 16-09-1988 time:-11.16 am place:-Hyderabad. Thank you in advance, Sunshine

    BOY DOB 20 august 1985
    time 19:20 pm

    GIRL DOB :- 16-09-1988

  9. dob 23rd aug 82 time 17:25 place karachi pakistan,Female, i want to marry my love when will it happen really depressed these days?

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