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Why it is necessary to get horoscope examined before marriage?
What to ask an astrologer about success of married life

Will my Married Life be successful? Ask An Astrologer

Why it is necessary to get horoscope examined before marriage?

Marital life is considered like a carriage and husband and wife are like two wheels of this carriage. If the carriage of married life has to run properly, then it is very important to have harmony between the two wheels i.e. husband and wife. What I mean to say is that when you are going to ask an astrologer whether my married life will be successful? At that time it does not seem appropriate to make any prediction by looking at the horoscope of only one person i.e. boy or a girl. Hence, the astrological horoscope of both husband and wife is necessary to make any prediction about the success or failure of the marriage.

What questions to ask from an astrologer about marriage

I am going to explain these things through the article presented.

Nowadays it is a time of live-in relationship, boy and girl live together without getting married. Before taking any decision regarding marriage, they want to know how their life will be after marriage. However, those who are not in the live-in, they also want to know that before marriage.  They want to know well about their future spouse. This is the reason why boys and girls mostly ask the same question about how their married life will be. “How will I get married?”, “what kind of life will be the after marriage?”, “will there be love between us even after the entry of the child?” 

Some people focus on love and attraction, while some focus on their careers. Some of them want to get married because they are old, now it is not too late for them. While others get married because they love someone. For some, the purpose of marrying is they want stability in life. At the same time, the aim of someone is to have a life partner and with the help of a spouse, it seems to them that life will pass smoothly.

What does the astrological horoscope tell about marriage

Now let us know how an astrologer finds out what the marital life will be like from the horoscope : –

There are twelve parts in an astrology horoscope, each part is known as a house. Each house represents one aspect of life. Now we are discussing marriage, so we will discuss only houses related to marriage in the horoscope.

The first place is the person’s own personality. From this place, we come to know the appearance, color, height, etc. of the native. In the horoscope, the seventh house is situated just in front of the first house and this seventh house represents life partner. The fifth house of the horoscope represents love, Romance. The ninth house represents the fate, destiny, luck of the native. 

Now one thing should be clear to you that the first house belongs to the native and the seventh house belongs to his spouse. The fifth house is of love and the ninth house is of luck.

Just as a dish must have salt, chilli, spices in perfect proportion to prepare it, similarly for a successful married life, there should be a good relationship between first house, fifth house, seventh house and ninth house.

Being an astrologer, I first look at the seventh house of the horoscope and the lord of the zodiac located in the seventh house to see about a successful married life. If the lord of the zodiac sign in the seventh house of the horoscope sits in the ninth house of the horoscope or sits in the tenth house or in the eleventh house, then the marriage takes place properly. Even after marriage, the husband and wife have a lot of love for the many years as before.

If the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope sits in the fifth house of the horoscope, then there is a lot of love before marriage, but after the passage of time, love starts to decline.

This is a very basic rule, to know more than this, the position of the moon is seen in the horoscope. In the seventh house, I check the element of the zodiac sign. The signs are of the fire element, earth element, air element and water element.

The planet Sun, Rahu and the lord of the twelfth place of the horoscope are known as saparative planet. Because these three planets separative the native from the fruit of the house of the horoscope where they sit in the horoscope. If these three planets or any one of these three planets make any relation with the house of marriage, house of love, house of destiny, then the marital life will surely be very bad. Divorce can also happen.

Saturn is said to be very good in the seventh house, but as far as marriage is concerned, it causes a delay in marriage when it sits in the seventh house of the horoscope. Late marriages cannot be called a successful marital life.

In the case of men, the factor of marriage is Venus. If the position of Venus is good in a man’s horoscope, then he gets the best from the marriage in his life. There is a loss of masculinity if Venus is not good in the horoscope of male. 

In the case of women, the factor of marriage is Jupiter. If the position of Jupiter is good in a woman’s horoscope, then she gets the best happiness of marriage. She will definitely have a baby boy. 

Apart from these things, the prophecy of marriage cannot be fulfilled without looking at the D9 chart of the horoscope.

Finally, I will say only that if you are going to get married, then you must get your horoscope checked before taking a final decision. I have more than twenty-five years of experience of astrology, so I would say don’t hesitate to contact me. If you are already married and are struggling with problems in marital life, then let me tell you that I also provide remedies for all kinds of problems.