Which gemstones are most powerful in 2022. Pearl, Diamond or Sapphire

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Most Powerful Gemstones in 2020

It is said that gems should be pure, free from any kind of flaw. The flawless gemstone has the power to protect us from disease, sinful reaction, accident & other dangers. 

The nine planets and their associated gemstones are as follows –  

  1. Sun – Ruby
  2. Moon – Pearl
  3. Mars – Red Coral
  4. Mercury – Emerald
  5. Venus – Diamond
  6. Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  7. Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  8. Rahu – Hessonite (Gomed)
  9. Ketu – Cat’s eye

Which Gemstone is lucky for you?



Pearl, Diamond, Sapphire 

Before telling about a powerful gemstone in the year 2022, I would like to give some description of the Pear, Diamond & Sapphire. Pearl is associated with the planet Moon. Diamond is associated with Venus. There are two Sapphire. Blue Sapphire is associated with Saturn while Yellow Sapphire is associated with Jupiter. 

Pearl & Moon

The moon rules over the mind, head, thinking, the psyche. The moon denotes our peace of mind. In Roman mythology, Luna means moon and the person influenced by Luna is known as lunatic. More explicitly, under the ill effect of planet moon, the person loses his mental balance and become lunatic. 

The Pearl is associated with the Moon. If the moon is weak in the horoscope and person is suffering from mental illness, illusion or any other problem related to mind, psyche etc, in that case, he should wear the Pearl in the silver ring.   

Diamond & Venus

Diamond is associated with Venus. Venus represents all kind of luxury, vehicle, romance, wealth, beauty. Venus is the significator of marriage in the horoscope of men. If Venus is afflicted in the horoscope then you may wear the Diamond to harmonize the Venus; Diamond is the most precious stone on the earth. A person born with Taurus & Libra may also wear Diamond. Diamond makes the person strong so that he may fulfil his planning and take the right decision at the right time. If married life is disturbed then it is observed that Diamond improve the relationship between the husband & wife. Diamond enables the person to do good works, make kind and fill the spirituality. Diamond is also helpful in diseases like diabetes, urinal problems, and reproductive system. 

Blue Sapphire

The Blue sapphire is a powerful and fast-reacting gemstone. It is advisable to wear Blue sapphire to pacify the evil effects of Saturn. It looks very beautiful. As this stone is associated with, Saturn so the Capricorn & Aquarius sign may wear this gemstone. The person of other sign may also wear the Blue Sapphire if Saturn is afflicted in the horoscope. Some of the benefits of Blue Sapphire are as follows – 

1. The mind remains calm after wearing a blue sapphire.

2. Blue sapphire increases the knowledge of the person and increases patience.

3. Blue Sapphire makes the person disciplined and humble in behaving and in speech. 

4. Blue Sapphire remove the problem of stress and anxieties of the person who wear it. 

Read in detail about the benefits of blue sapphire and how to wear it here.

The Yellow Sapphire 

The Yellow Sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter. It is known as Pukhraj also. It should wear in the index finger in the gold ring. It is observed that the wearer of this gemstone gets married early. Everyone can wear this gemstone except the sign of Venus, Mercury & Saturn. The planet Jupiter represents justice, religion, progeny, wealth, and pilgrimage etc. 

Yellow Sapphire is responsible to increase spirituality, wealth. The people of all zodiac sign other than Taurus, Mercury, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn & Aquarius may wear the yellow sapphires. It also increases the richness.  

When you feel humiliation and unintentionally become dishonest behave then you should understand that the Jupiter in your horoscope is afflicted. Then you should wear the good quality flawless yellow Sapphire in the gold in the index finger. Within one week it will start giving positive results. 

Which gemstone is powerful in 2022

All gemstone are equally powerful. In fact, the power of the gemstone depends upon the planet, which is afflicted in the horoscope. If one particular planet is afflicted and under the influence of sinful planet then you will have to wear the gemstone of that planet to pacify the evil effect of the same. If the planet Saturn is afflicted in your horoscope then you will have to wear Blue Sapphire to make the Saturn strong.  

Method of wearing and Time of wearing a powerful gemstone in 2022

Any gemstone should never wear without the advice of a learned astrologer. There is a prescribed method to wear a gemstone. Metal like gold, silver, copper etc is associated with gemstone. It should wear in a particular finger. It should wear on a particular time and particular day and period & sub-period of a particular planet. 

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