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When I will get life partner

When will I get life partner

I am saying this only on the basis of the planetary position of men that when a particular planetary position is formed, your life partner comes into your life. Our experience says that female happiness is not written in the life of some people and female happiness is written late in someone’s life. Let us know why all this happens.


Female and male planets

Male and female planets are made for each other, in the same way, planets also have male and female planet. Male planets have Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Venus in female planets. Mercury and Saturn are considered impotent planets, that is, in astrology, the sex of these two planets is determined in a slightly complicated way. Rahu Ketu is considered a male. In addition to these nine planets in your horoscope, there are twelve zodiac signs and twenty-seven constellations in which the male and female elements are different. Mentioning them all will complicate our subject, that’s why I say the main thing.

So how it works?

If the planets and constellations of the female element in your horoscope are low in proportion, then the contribution of men will be more in creating your life. If this ratio is very different, then there will be absence of women in life. Women will not follow you or women will not like to come to you. Yet very rarely it happens that someone stays single.

Because why not be late, but the time of male planets will come in your life and this will be the time when a woman will enter your life.

When your life partner will enter your life?

When most of the male planets effect will be in your life you will meet your life partner. The period and sub-periods, semi sub-periods are there in the horoscope for planetary time position calculations. In Indian astrology, this is called Vimshottri Dasha and Mahadasha, Antardasha. The important thing is you must know the astrology basics.

When the time of male planets is coming, For that you have to see the horoscope position of your horoscope. If this is difficult for you, contact us. We will not only tell you when the meeting with a woman has been written in your life, but will also tell you some remedies that will remove your deficiency.