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Divorce in Horoscope

When will i get divorced

Sometimes we marry with a person we never thought this relationship will be like a nightmare. You want divorce and your partner is not ready for divorce. In that case the person get more disturbed. I have seen many cases of divorce when one side was not ready for divorce. Why divorce becomes so critical sometimes? Lets solve this question with your horoscope.
7th house is for marriage and Rahu, Sun, Mercury and lord of 12th house is known for separation. They are separative factors. Separation takes place in relationship when 7th house have 2 or more than 2 points of separation. This is one thing.
The other thing is one person need separation and other person is not agree. It means some planet is there who’s aspect is on 7th house. 7th house is your first marriage and your 2nd marriage house is 2nd house of horoscope. Jupiter is known for happiness and whatever auspicious you face in life.
If your 7th house is affected with separative factors. But Jupiter’s aspect is also there you would have to struggle for divorce.

Jupiter’s aspect and divorce in horoscope

As much powerful the Jupiter is, chances of divorce will be as much minimum. If your Jupiter is in Ascendant, 3rd house, 7th house or 11th house, this will save married life. As like Jupiter, Venus is another benefic planet of horoscope. If Venus exists in 7th house it means your partner loves you. Venus known for love. If Venus is in ascendant or 7th house the love in your partner’s heart will never die.
Moon is known for affection. If a person have affection, he will try every possible actions to prevent from divorce. So if Moon is in your ascendant or 7th house, chances are low for divorce. But if Moon, Jupiter, Venus are weak, the situation will be differ. You can understand yourself my point.The planet who is preventing by divorce should be powerful not weak.

An Example

Look the horoscope below. Lord of 6th house is sitting with Rahu and Sun and affected by Saturn. This is clear separation yoga. Jupiter’s aspect is on 7th house.The horoscope is of a person who’s wife has demanded for big amount as alimony. The issue has not been resolved and both are waiting for divorce.
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