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Most reliable remedies for all planet

Everyone has problem in life. Astrology says if you have problem in horoscope you can do the specific remedy for planet. Sometimes people just do whatever suggested by astrologer but still the problem remain the same. What is the reason, lets know in this post.

Your horoscope has three type of planets.

  1. Planets that are favorable to us.
  2. Planets that are not favorable to us.
  3. Planet that has neutral effect means not good and not bad.

This is important to explain how remedies work. If you have some problem in your life the solution should be related to that problem only. Sometimes astrologers are unable to recognize the related planet and this is where the problem is.

Favorable Planet in horoscope

In the favorable planet category the planet comes who are most favorable for you. These planet are helpful and bring happiness in life. You have two things which is the anchor point for all favorable and friendly planet. The first is your ascendant and 2nd is your Moon sign. The zodiac sign in ascendant is your ruling planet. Your ruling planet has friends & enemy planets. Friends are favorable and enemies are obstacles.

Planets who are not favorable

The planet who are enemies of your ascendant will be most unfavorable planet of your horoscope. The enemy planets always gives negative effect. When their time period comes you get hardship & hurdles in life.

The planets who are neutral

Some planet do not harm us & do not support also. These type of neutral planet comes under this category and they give just dry period to us. In the period of neutral planets most of our work does not fulfilled & even not reach on the failure stage. This middle stage which does not go to the conclusion is very painful and most difficult because when you are waiting or expecting something, you cannot wait but you have to wait.

What remedies you should follow and what you should not

There are two type of remedies. First type is direct remedies & second type is indirect remedies. In the first type of remedies we get connected with a particular planet directly. In the 2nd type of remedies we do not connect with planets but we do it and forget it.

Direct remedies

  • Using a gemstone.
  • Rudraksha.
  • Using the things of planet.

Indirect Remedies

Home Remedies

For favorable planets we can use the gemstones & the things that we can wear on our body. We can use gemstones, Rudraksha & Yantras of related planet. This gives good result but the problem does not comes from favorable planets.

The problems comes from unfavorable planets & that is very hard to manage. You cannot wear any gemstone or object related to that planet just harm you. You never know what things you should use and what you should not. This is the duty of astrologer.

For unfavorable or unfriendly planet you can do indirect remedies only. And for neutral planets you can try both but all these actions is to be decided by a specialist.

But there are some remedies that always help whether it is favorable , unfavorable or neutral planets. The remedies for all nine planets are given below.

Best & reliable remedy of Sun

This is Sun Remedy in which you have to wake up early in the morning. Just offer the water to the Sun but be careful there are some critical things you have to take care of.

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Conclusion is there are numerous remedies but a couple of things are like they fits with each and every person. Whatever I have observed so far regarding these remedies have already tested many times. Rest you can apply them & know yourself.

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