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When Remedies don’t work

When Remedies don’t work.

Quite often we notice that somebody is suffering with certain Planets and remedies suggested by a Learned Astrologer do relieve him. But I have also observed that sometimes  one out of hundred persons neither can wear any gem or nor he has ample time to do remedies suggested by Lal Kitab. In this condition what to do? Spells and Yantras must be used in this case. Power containing Yantras immediately provides relief to a person. For example somebody stuck his 15 Lac rupees somewhere and desperately wanted his money back. Only with the help of Ganesha’s Mantra he got his money back and didn’t spend a penny for this.

Now question is above person got what he wanted with the help of Mantras but a normal person who don’t know, how to chant mantra’s, how he will perform? In this case one should approach a Learned Astrologer and seek his advice. If even this is not possible then take help of Yantras. Yantra show results quickly comparative to Gems. Lucky Stones show results for a limited time period while Yantra show results till you keep worshipping after PRAN PRATISHTHA .

Some important things regarding Yantra’s.

As per Indian Astrology before using any Yantra, do take care of some things…

  • It is important to worship Yantra daily. You must Worship with incense stick/lamp after washing Yantra with Panchmtrit.
  • Place a shrine on platform beneath Yantra.
  • Panchamrit should not be thrown in vain by which Yantra has been washed.
  •  Use any Yantra after a proper Pran-Pratishtha in some auspicious time. Without Pran-Pratishtha there is now power in Yantra. And even after that do not throw or ignore any Yantra otherwise it can be harmful.
  • Yantras inherent power which can be awake by spells. This way they show result quickly.
  • If you don’t have faith in Yantra, if you don’t care to daily worship it or you have just placed yantra at home after purchasing then don’t expect any kind of result from it. It is futile.
  • If you are not able to worship daily then at least wash yantra daily with Panchamrit and use it.
  • Yantras are more powerful than Gems but it should be kept secret.
  • Lucky stones are effective for a limited period of time but Yantra can be used & fruitful for lime time.

Jai Shree Ram !


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