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When is the right time to start a business

If you going to start new business astrology can definitely help you. The business prediction is not easy but if you understand how it works you will be able to take a strong decision about your business.

Starting a business is easy, but it requires a lot of things to run it successfully. Through this article, I am going to tell you which planets are helpful to successfully run any business.

First of all, what kind of business you should start? The answer is that business should be of a particular object that is able to attract the attention of any person towards you and no one can easily ignore it. To start any kind of business, the business should be of a special thing which attracts everyone’s attention.

Apart from this, there are also some other things, such as creativity and leadership capability which are essential to run a business successfully. There is no doubt that Creativity is the lifeline of the business. Employees can do a lot of work but it is very important to have leadership skills in the employer to get the work done from them.

Foresight & Astrology

Foresight means to look at a distant. But here foresight means that to predict what is going to happen in the future. If you have ever played chess, you would have seen that you presume the move of the opponent before you take your move, you get an idea of the next move of the opponent and proceed with your first move keeping your second move in advance. This is exactly done in the business too, but in the absence of foresight, you can’t run the business for a long time. If you have the foresight, then you can take the right and tough decisions at the right time.

According to astrology, the ability to take the right decisions at the right time we get from the planet Sun. Therefore it is necessary to consider the position of Sun in the horoscope.

You need experience

You would have noticed that after entering a dark room immediately nothing is seen but after some time in the darkness, eyes get used to the darkness and gradually things start to appear in the darkness and you start seeing everything. The time taken by your eyes to get used to the darkness is called patience and patience is the first step of the experience.

This thing exactly happens when you enter a new business, you should spend some time in it, have patience, and gain experience. This is the experience. The twelfth house of the horoscope represents the waste of time, in other words, if we have to know about the time waste then we will see the twelfth house of the horoscope and if this twelfth house of the horoscope is favorable, then we get the experience without losing anything.

Creativity – Business Astrology

What you have thought today, many have already thought about the same. This question is important in your business because if you want to run a business successfully then you should bring the newest thing in the market. When you find the answer then it becomes your creativity. It is also called a creation that means creating a new idea or new thing.

This very quality of creativity bestowed by the planet Moon in any person. The Moon is a planet that is constantly changing and after two and half days it changes. If the Moon is not favorable in your horoscope then you will have to search for a creative person and you will have to rely on that person in the absence of creativity.

Often some people take advice from many people, asking small questions from others to do small works. They find themselves unable to take big decisions and find themselves helpless without advice from others. All this happens when the planet Moon is not favorable in the Horoscope. On the other hand, if the Moon is favorable in your horoscope then the people will definitely come to you and seek advice.

Favourable time as per astrology

We can’t ignore the importance of favourable time in the context of starting a new business. For example, if you have to open a heater or geyser factory, you will have to wait for a favourable time in addition to other things. Because you can’t start this business in the summer, you will have to wait for the winter. It is called favourable time in business and it has great importance.

The Effect & impact of Planets keeps changing for us. From one year to every two & a half years, the effects of the Planets changes. Apart from this, Planets in transit also change completely after two and a half years.

If Saturn presently sat in the first, second, fourth, eighth, tenth or twelfth house of your horoscope, then surely you have to wait for the transit of Saturn in the next zodiac. Because the best way to successfully run the business is to get the favor of this planet.

Leadership ability & your horoscope

Suppose you want to enter in the Hotel or Restaurant business then you will require a trained and experienced cook and other staff because the customer should come again and again in your hotel or restaurant. They will come regularly only when if your food & services are good. You arrange everything but it is quite possible that you will become fully dependent on the Cook and other staff. Once you rely on the other people they will start arbitrarily things, and if you failed to handle them, failed to control them then it will show your weakness and lack of leadership ability.

Leadership capability is bestowed by many planets, among them the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are prominent. If one of these planets is favourable in your horoscope then it will be very easy for you to work. You will have innate leadership capacity.

Business Minded by birth

In an MNC while working, I have seen the behavior of people around me. I have experienced that most of the people are born to do the job only. They never like to leave a job. But in contrast, businessmen can never do a job for a long time.

The planetary position of successful Businessman

To become a successful businessman, apart from the planetary position in the horoscope the role of the person’s thinking is equally important. A person has started a small business after working in a Job till the age of 50 and now he is running his small business successfully. It is not absolutely necessary that a person in a job can never do business. When both need and experience are met, success in business starts automatically.

Yet to be a successful businessman, the planet Mercury should be pleased & favorable in the horoscope because Mercury does not allow “the horse to be friends with grass”.

The good wishes & blessing of all

Often you may have noticed that businessmen speak very sweet. You must have seen them speaking sweet sometimes it seems that they have put jaggery in their mouth. They take everyone’s blessing by saying Ram-Ram to everyone. There should be no problem for everyone to greet people. If you have friendly relations with neighbours, friends, relatives then this will be the first step towards success for you in business. Good wishes, blessings are very important. If you are about to start a business soon, then our best wishes are with you.

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