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When will I get promoted as per astrology

When will I get promotion as per astrology

Transfer and promotion in job is a must otherwise you will get bored soon. Sometimes it take long and you are fed up of your old job. Let’s know what astrology says in this regard. Let’s know how will you get promoted or when will be change in your life. After reading this article you may come to know when you are getting transferred or getting promoted.

Vimshottri Dasha (Periodical Table of Planets in horoscope)

If you are familiar with the Astrology then definitely you would have heard or seen that the apart from the other things the Horoscope provide a time table list called Vinshotri Dasha. This list tells us the exact time of the occurrence of important events and incidents of life. This is the list of 120 years. It includes the time period from the birth of the native to the 120 years and known as Dasha and Mahadasha. Horoscope tells us the impact of the planet on the life of the Native. Dasha, Mahadasha tells us at what time the particular event will occur in the life of Native.

Now I am going to tell you that which planet will affect and when  it will affect your life & when it will bring a change in your life on the basis of my experience.

Horoscope of a doctor

Planets in 10th House of Horoscope

The tenth house of the horoscope represents the profession of the Native. You get the profession or job during the Dasha/Mahadasha of lord of Tenth house or the planet occupied the Tenth house. During the Dasha of Tenth house Native gets the job or establishes his business. In case there is no planet in the Tenth house then the lord of the Tenth or the planet accompany lord of tenth house decide the line of profession of Native. The vary change in the nature of profession or transfer also occur during the Dasha or Mahadasha of the planet occupied the Tenth house or the lord of Tenth house. When a Mahadasha of one planet start after the completion of the Mahadasha of other planet the  Native sees the great changes in his life.

Horoscope of an engineer

Shodash Warga

With the help of Shodash varg we can check and read the horoscope more deeply. Mostly people know about the Janam Kundali and Moon Kundali, very few know about the Shodash Varg Kundali. In fact, Shodash means Sixteen  and Shodash Varg is the group of sixteen horoscope. It includes a horoscope chart named Dreshkon Chakra. The planet in the Dreshkon Chart enable us to tell the number of changes in the life of Native in his profession life. No doubt these changes are big.

Saturn Make it Critical

Saturn is a big Planet and it is very slow. It stays for two & half years on one zodiac sign. So when Saturn brings any change then the duration of this change or effect may long, very long. The Native feel boredom during the Dasha and Mahadasha of Saturn. When the Antar Dasha of Saturn comes to end then the Native sees the change in his life and when Mahadasha of the Saturn comes to an end then the Native experiences the big changes in his life.

Abroad settlement as per astrology

Change after marriage in life

Marriage brings a big change in the life of Native. After marriage the birth of children also bring change in the life. If your Venus is in strong position in horoscope, you will have almost every asset of comfortable life after marriage. And on the other hand if the Jupiter is strongest planet in your horoscope, the birth of your child will open the door of success for you.

Let me read your horoscope

If you want to come to know about the big changes in your life then please send your birth date, time and year details in the comment box.
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