What is the most beneficial planet for wealth? Guru or Shukra

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Astrology is a complete science. Each question is answered with facts. Each prediction is made on the basis of the Twelfth houses of the horoscope, twelfth zodiac signs and nine planets. Now we are talking here about which planet is more good for wealth:- Guru or Shukra. We will analyse it based on facts. Just as I said that everything in astrology is kept with facts, we will also present this subject with facts that Venus is more fruitful for property or Jupiter is beneficial. Let’s start with Venus first.

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Venus or Shukra

  • According to Vedic astrology, neither a planet is completely bad nor any planet is fully auspicious. All planets give good or bad results according to their position in the horoscope and in the zodiac sign. Venus is the lord of fifth and tenth house in Capricorn ascendant, hence it is considered beneficial in Capricorn ascendant. If it is sitting in an auspicious house and it is under the sight of auspicious planets and It is not the debilitated, then the planet Venus will bestow the person with luxury, wealth, fulfil all the physical desires in its period or sub-period.
  • Like Capricorn ascendant, in the Aquarius ascendant also Venus is considered beneficial & Yog Karak planet because it becomes the lord of the fourth and ninth house of the horoscope. If in this ascendant, it is sitting in its own zodiac sign or in exalted sign then the person gets name, fame, wealth, prosperity in its period or sub-period. 
  • Venus is the factor of luxury, materialistic pleasure. The twelfth house of the horoscope represents the expenditure apart from the other things. If Venus sits in the twelfth house of the horoscope then the person will enjoy all type of luxury and materialistic pleasure. It does not necessary that he will be rich or not. But it is certain that the person will enjoy all the worldly pleasure.  

Malavya Yog

When Venus sits in the fourth house of the horoscope in Pisces or Taurus sign, then it creates one of the biggest yoga Malavya yoga one out of the Panch Mahapurusha yoga. A person who has Malavya Yoga in his birth chart gets all kinds of comforts, vehicles, gardens in his life and he spends his life very happily.

Thus, we may conclude that if the planet Venus is auspicious in the horoscope, then it provides a lot of wealth and prosperity to the person and he spends auspicious life.

Jupiter or Guru

  • Jupiter is considered a very auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. It has the status of Guru of planets. It is believed that if Jupiter is auspicious in the horoscope, then everything will be good, but if you look carefully, I have experienced that Jupiter is never completely a hundred per cent auspicious.
  • In the Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant, Jupiter is considered auspicious being the lord of the ascendant. It will definitely give the positive and good results provided it should be in the auspicious house of the horoscope and it should not have the sight of malefic and sinful planets.
  • If you calculate from Aries then in all twelve sign except Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant, the Jupiter is the lord of one auspicious house and second zodiac sign is always in the inauspicious place, so it does not give completely auspicious results. If in Aries, it is lord of the ninth house then it seems that it will be auspicious but along with it also becomes the lord of the twelfth house. Lord of eighth and the lord of eleventh house in Taurus Ascendant. It is the lord of the tenth place along with the lord of the seventh place in the Gemini ascendant, but being the lord of two centres it is a defect. In the Cancer ascendant, it is the lord of Ninth house but at the same time, it is the lord of the sixth house. It seems it is auspicious in the Leo ascendant being the lord of the fifth house but it is also the lord of the eighth house. In Virgo ascendant, it becomes the lord of two centres with defects. Libra, it is lord of third & sixth house. Scorpio it is lord of the second and fifth. Similarly, in Capricorn, it is the lord of the Twelfth and the third and in Aquarius, it is the lord of the eleventh and the lord of the second house.

Hans Yoga

If Jupiter sits in the ascendant in the Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer sign then it creates the one Mahapurusha yog out of Panch Mahapurusha yoga named Hans Yoga. If Hans yoga exists in the horoscope, then the person gets all type of happiness and luxuries during the period, sub-period of Jupiter.


Finally, based on my experience I will say that if the planet Venus is auspicious in the horoscope, then the person gets a lot of wealth and enjoyment if it is compared to Jupiter, then the person gets Jupiter’s auspiciousness. Jupiter makes the person honest, loyal and it is not necessary that the person will have a lot of wealth and the auspiciousness of Jupiter cannot be compared with wealth, property.

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