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Find Best time to change job via Online Astrology?

What is the best time to change job according to Astrology?

Its time to change job according to Astrology 

As per practical life the best time to change the job is when you see an offer or when you see an opportunity. But as per Indian astrology, the best time to change the current job is when your Horoscope in Vedic astrology recommends you.

When you are in an extremely difficult position in your job, that is the time you will look for a better opportunity. In this article, I want to tell you the best time to change the job according to Astrology because in practical life everyone takes a decision without the help of astrology. You will just see the opportunity because you are not well in the job. But there are some incidents in life that pushes us to change the current job because we are not satisfied or you want some change in career.

Let’s see a real-time case. One of my clients from Visakhapatnam who was working in a software company as a tester engineer. Everything was fine but just for a change in life, he was trying for a new job in a new company. After 4 years in the same company, he really wanted to change everything. Got the offer letter in which his salary was increased by 20%.  Due to insecurity feeling he wanted to consult an Astrologer so that everything is fine then he can take an action. Last time I gave him marriage prediction which was accurate so he consulted me for his career prediction online.  

The Indian astrology says if you are going through, “sade sati” you should not change your job or you should not change in your career.  I told him not to change your job but the offer was from a renowned company and he left the current job and joined a new job. 

This was a new company and workload was almost double he was getting late every day and this was just beginning after some time one day he was working continuously 20 hours. In software fields, it happens usually but when it becomes a daily routine, you will feed up of it. This way my client was feeling his decision was wrong and my prediction was correct so they consulted me once again to ask whether I can join the previous company or not due to Sade Sati he lost his job forever.

There are certain things you should ask yourself before you switch to a new job.

  • Whether the current job change is the right time for me or not.
  • If I change job how will be my future?
  • How will be financial growth if I change jobs?
  • Will I be able to stay in a new job for a long time.
  • If I change job today when I will change my job again in the future.
  • When is the right time to change jobs?

If you want accurate career prediction with above questions you should look into the current period current planetary position and in near future planetary position if your planets are stable your job will be stable if your planetary position changes drastically you will change your job that is not in your hands.

If your planetary position is not good in coming six months you should wait and watch and if you who got the offer letter practically also you should inspect about the reputation of the firm.

Every person’s planetary position is different so this is not exactly about you but if you give me your birth details I can predict whether this is a good time for you to change the job or not. But there are 9 planets period that may relate to you in terms of changing the job.

From your moon sign if Saturn is in the twelfth house or 2nd house financially you are going to be in a difficult position in the near future.

If your Saturn is in the ascendant the new job will be very difficult to stay.

If your Saturn is in 4th, 8th,10th house you should definitely drop the idea of changing the job even after you get the double salary.

In the period of sun the native can expect growth in changing jobs.

During the period of the moon the native change job again and again due to stability.

While, in the period of mass also stability comes late and you will get very fast growth opportunities.

In the period of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus usually the native gets increment promotion and fast growth in the next job.

In Saturn’s period, the native gets the opportunity very late and if you get the opportunity the stability is assured. In fact, you will not get opportunities very frequently but very late.

In the period of Rahu and Ketu, the native gets very attractive opportunities increment offers promotion offers but the facts are not the same as it appears.


So Astrology predictions about job change will be helpful if you follow the basic terms of astrology. If you are not familiar with Indian astrology you can hire us for your career horoscope and predictions. We will give you valuable suggestions about your job change and other recommendations.