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Side effect of gemstones

Side Effect of Gemstones

Sometimes the lucky stones become unlucky due to wrong advise. Know what happens if your gemstone is not suitable for you & if you have these symptoms remove the stone immediately.

All the gemstone are covered by 9 planets. All the planets have good and bad effects on a person’s life according to their planetary situation in the horoscope (Janam Kundli). In a horoscope, there are 12 places which are also known as houses. Which gemstone will be more effective for a person is decided by the planetary situation in all the 12 places of the horoscope.

As per my experience of last 30 years, I found that if a planet is good for you and your fortune but it’s not providing its whole goodness to you then you should wear the particular gemstone related to that particular planet. After wearing the gemstone you will feel the difference in your life, our mentality will be changed towards every situation, and your life will take a new way towards success which will be beneficial for you. Only one gemstone is enough to change your fortune.

The below-provided horoscope is of Mr. Anil Raghav from Bihar, who is having a great loss in his business from last two years.

Lucky stone advise by Horoscope

I advised him to wear Hessonite (Gomed) which will be beneficial for him, as Rahu is sitting in his Ascendant which is the 1st house of the horoscope, which makes him unable to take the right decision. Not only in his business but also in his social life hi was unsuccessful just because of his indolence and wrong policies.  In Aries, the Mars (Mangal) gets violent by Rahu, so in this situation, Hessonite should be worn of 7Ratti.

Then Anil Raghav Ji said that he wore Hessonite two months before, after that he met with an accident. Then he removed Hessonite from his finger as he thinks that it was not suitable for him.

As per my belief, I was sure that the person was telling lies or hiding something, otherwise in such a situation of horoscope the person doesn’t get the loss, it is not possible. I have seen that the Paap Kartri Yog of Mars and Rahu in the place of Ascendant 1st and 11th house and suffering of the 12th place of the horoscope. The symptoms of this situation are as follows:

  • Reduction in sleep
  • Foot injury
  • Slip down
  • Not getting rid of debts

Anil Raghav Ji agreed with this all. He was wearing a Coral (Munga) from last two years. And after the advice of an astrologer, he also wore Hessonite before two months. But the astrologer who advised him to wear Hessonite hasn’t seen him wearing a Coral and even doesn’t think that the Paap Kartri Yog of both gemstones will be active and as a result, he can get injured. After my advice, he wore only Hessonite and removed Coral from his hand and with this I also advised him to remove the copper bracelet which he was wearing. As copper comes under Mars and the combination of Mars and Rahu was already experienced by him.

Till today Anil Raghav Ji is wearing only Hessonite and his business is increasing day by day. After two days of wearing Hessonite, he started feeling the effect and the difference in his life. And he understood that he was given a wrong advice to wear a wrong gemstone as after wearing Coral for two years he had to face a great loss.

The common people do not know the side effect of wearing a wrong gemstone, by this way they make their planet weak instead of making them strong. Today a person who is having some knowledge about astrology or horoscope starts claiming that he or she is also a lucky stone expert. So we should be aware of that the person who is providing us the lucky stone advise is really have knowledge of gemstone or not. How much his knowledge level is.

Side Effect of Gemstones

Lucky Stones – Important Points

  • The weight of gems, Shine, Quality of gems is known by its cutting and color. If the gems are somewhere dark somewhere light, somewhere shiny somewhere dull, then it’s useless to wear that gemstone.
  • The gemstone should be kept below your pillow in the night before wearing it, if the dreams come terribly then it’s useless to wear that gemstone. This is how we test the gemstone before use.
  • Pearl, Emerald, Topaz, and Diamond should not be worn in a copper ring. Metal for gemstones should be selected according to their effect on your horoscope and life.
  • Cat’s Eye/ Chrysoberyl and Amethyst should not be worn in the neck.
  • Never wear two gemstones in one ring, if it is needed then take the advice of the lucky stone expert.
  • It is very important to know that which gemstone should be worn in which finger, as a result of it the effect of it will be increased or decreased as per wearing of a gemstone by a person. Change the finger for gemstone if you feel the low effect.
  • If there is any problem after wearing gemstone and you feel that something is going wrong then removes the gemstone immediately and put it down your pillow and just do the simple experiment with that as it was mentioned previously.

I have given best of my knowledge but if you trust me, you can contact by email and ask your queries. Or you can leave your comments in the form below.



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    Kindly tell me which is the lucky stone for me at the moment I am wearing red coral…should I continue with that or remove it.

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