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What happens If pearl not suitable

What happens if pearl does not suit you?

A pearl is an inexpensive gem that is easily available. This gemstone has its benefits as well as negative effects. If the pearl does not suit you or if it is causing any harm, then don’t wear it because it primarily affects your mind and your heart. People wear it to regulate their anger but it will rather increase your anger. Under its ill influence, you’ll do every work hastily and it will cease your patience and satisfaction.  You’ll become suspicious and will bother even about little things. You’ll get infuriated on small matters. It will make you restless and you’ll start thinking that nobody takes you seriously.

Still, the pearl won’t affect you negatively to a greater extent. It will just affect your behavior at the most.

Apart from this, its effect is dependent on the fact that the moon is the master of which position in your horoscope and in which place it is housed. For example, if the moon is the master of the 7th house in your horoscope and is residing in the 12th house, then it would not just spoil your relation with your spouse but it will also make you travel unnecessarily. These journeys won’t give you any benefit and would make you wander from here and there in vain.




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