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Wealth Horoscope

Wealth Horoscope

No one can deny the importance of money. Who doesn’t want the money? Rich want money and poor, they too want the money. The people who are in the job, always think at the end of the month that this month we failed to save some from the salary as the whole money of the salary spent but next month we would definitely save. But unfortunately, next month too, due to some unexpected expenses fail to save money. They think that when we used to receive Rs 3500/- as salary, we could save Rs 500/- and we were satisfied but now despite earning Rs 35000/- could not save Rs 500/- too.

Shapes of Money as 12 Houses

Anyhow, I am not talking about the expenditure but i am talking about the prosperity in saving, talking about blessing in saving. But at the same time question arises that the prosperity will come along with the money only, there will be no prosperity, blessing without money. 

In the present post, I am going to tell you how your horoscope predicts money. How is your wealth horoscope by astrology? How your horoscope can tell you that you will become rich or not.

Will I become Rich?

How much money you would have according to the horoscope? What does your horoscope say about money? At which time in life you would have money? At which time of life you would have no worry as far as money is concerned? When in life you would be competent enough that you would be able to purchase all the things you want? Someone dream of his own house, someone dream of a car, motorcycle, scooter etcetera.

Friends, as far as wealth horoscope and astrology are concerned, we are fortunate. According to the astrology in the horoscope, there are two houses which are directly related to money matters. The second house of the horoscope is related to money along with the eleventh house.

12 Houses of Horoscope by Wealth

As God has bestowed us with two lungs, two kidneys and two hands, in the same way, there are two houses in the horoscope represent the wealth or money. But I think each and every house of the horoscope is correlated with the money.

  • The first house, this house generate money for the people who earn money with the help of their physique such as Actor, Model etcetera. 
  • The second house of the horoscope, this is the house of money. It is that money which is either in the shape of cash in your house or money in the possession of your parents, siblings so that you may use it in the need of the hour.
  • Incentive too has a monetary value. Any type of incentive we receive when the third house of the horoscope is good.

•  The fourth house of the horoscope tells us about the immovable property.

•  The money which we are having in the shape of share, money in mutual fund is also due to the fifth house. The retirement money, gratuity, provident fund also related to the fifth house.

  • The money which we receive on the maturity of the insurance policy is directly related to the sixth house of the horoscope.
  • The money which is with your wife or is in the possession of your in-laws is related to the seventh house of the horoscope. 
  • The black money is represented by the eighth house of the horoscope.
  • The money you will receive in old age is related to the ninth house of the horoscope.

•  The money you received either as hereditary or you receive regularly from shop, factory etcetera is related to the tenth house.

•  Though the eleventh house is related to regular salary but the prize money, Promotion, Increment, Gifts etcetera are also related to the eleventh house of the horoscope.

•  The money you are receiving in the shape of interest, money receiving in the shape of the rent from the property is also related to the twelfth house of the horoscope.

Now you may start thinking that the peoples who don’t have money whether all the houses of their horoscope are not good? The answer is no, this is not like that, the fact is that all the houses of the horoscope never activate at the same time.

Favorable time as per your wealth horoscope

It is the time period, Mahadasha, Antardasha in your horoscope which tells us which house is activated presently and from which house you may receive money. More explicitly, what you should do according to the horoscope so that you may earn the money according to your horoscope.

Money & Planets

Which planet of your horoscope may give money? At which time you will receive the money according to the horoscope? Your horoscope may give answers to these questions. Sometimes, it is seen that the time of favorable planets has come and gone but we don’t know about the same.

Career Prediction by date of birth

Therefore, you should have the full knowledge of the favorable time of planets according to the horoscope so that you may take appropriate action timely. Finally, I would say only that if you want more information in this regard then don’t hesitate to contact me and take our best astrological services.