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Vision – Ashok Prajapati

Everybody‘s life is going on with the will of God Almighty.  It is also true that God has determined a mission, goal, and target for everyone and he also shows the path and gives help to achieve the given mission, target etc. I am very happy that God has chosen me for the charity & also gave the power for the same.

I don’t remember from when I started to take interest in the astrology & other spiritual subjects. It is universal truth that without the blessing of Guru no one can get the knowledge of any subject. In this field whatever I got is the blessing of my Param Pujya Gurudev Shri Avdheshanand ji Maharaj.

I started the charity work through the horoscope-india.com.  When I came into contact with the problems of people then only realized that how big this world is and my existence is so small like a sand particle. But I am trying my best to help the suffering people. The people who have faith in the astrology and come to me for help, I try to send them back fully satisfied. People come to me with different questions, queries. With the help of vedic astrology and Mantra, I try to give remedies & solutions. If jobless gets the job, unmarried gets life partner and suffered people due to any reason become happy, then mission will be completed for me.

I have learnt from my experience that Mantra is the supreme power in the world. The solution of any problem is possible through Mantra. I have got a little knowledge of Mantra with the blessing of God and through this I try to help the needy & eligible people so that the light of Indian culture & wisdom may spread throughout the world.

I am an astrologer and not a writer but I have tried to explain my experience of 25 years to my esteemed readers so that they may achieve some benefit from it.

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