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Trial prediction by Ashok Prajapati Astrologer Office

Welcome to our Free Prediction Service. Here you can ask the question of your choice & we shall give you a trial prediction on your email. Free Prediction is available for those who are using this site for first time.

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Once we receive your request, it will take maximum 2 days for us to reply on your request. We offer the following predictions for free.

  • Marriage Predictions
  • Career Analysis
  • Baby Birth Predictions
  • Horoscope Matching
  • Gun Milan
  • Gemstone Predictions
  • Abroad Settlement Predictions
  • Persnal Predictions
  • Yearly Predictions
  • Monthly Predictions
  • Business Predictions
  • Health Predictions
  • Aura Predictions
  • House Predictions
  • New Born Baby Name
  • Lucky Name Predictions
  • Company Name Suggessions
  • Family Predictions

And much more…

You can choose any topic is in your mind. From one birth details only one prediction will be offered. For more you can choose to pay for the personalized detailed horoscope reading by Ashok Prajapati office.

What you can ask?

Trial Marrriage Prediction Contents

In marriage prediction you can ask when will you get married, love or arrange marriage, how will be your life partner by nature. How will be partner by looks & personality. How will be your life partner by profession. How will be your relations with your in-laws. All these questions comes under marriage prediction. Choose only one question from the above. Click the button If you want full detailed marriage prediction.

Career Predictions

In your career trial prediction you can ask when will you get the job, govt job or pvt job, how will be your career. You can ask the best field for your career. Best subjects for you. You can also ask about business or job what is better for you. In career predictions people also ask about the golden time of life, when will you be financially comfortable. In case you have different questions feel free to aks your question. You can ask only one question but if you want detailed career prediction.

Baby Birth Prediction

In this category you can ask one question any of below. When will you have baby, is there chance of baby birth in near future, how will be future of your kids. Whether you should try for baby birth or not. What is good for your baby birth.