The Significance of Yoni Matching In Marriages.

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Yoni Horoscope Matching

Marriage is one of the most life-changing moments, and everybody routes for a happy, long-lasting marriage. Kundali reading plays a vital role in the union of two souls. It is the process of checking horoscopes of both the bride and groom. A couple is sure to lead a prosperous and happy married life if the Kundli reading is successful, and the outcome is positive.

Kundli matching is now accepted by every youngster and even appreciated because they’re able to understand the prospective partners in a much better way. For people who are attaching in marital alliances through the arranged way, it is all the easier for them to know in detail about the person and the person’s family and their feet as a couple. There are 36 Gunas according to Vedic astrology, and these Gunas are matched and analyzed to check the compatibility of the couple. There are so many aspects considered, like – mental health, ego, friendship, health, happiness, luck, and growth. Another aspect that is checked, which is a rather important parameter, is the yoni match.

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Yoni matching checks the sexual compatibility, intimacy, love, mental state, and the bond between the couple.  Physical or biological compatibility He is one of the most important aspects to be checked in a couple. It is also important for the marriage to sustain and survive in the future. There are 28 birth stars or Nakshatras that are further said to be segregated into yonis. There are two nakshatras for every yoni. Every yoni represents an animal. The following are the yonis based on twenty-eight nakshatras.

Ashwa Yoni (Horse)

Characteristics- Brave, courageous, talented

Nakshatra – Ashwini, Shatbheesha

Friendly yonis- Mesh.

Unfriendly yonis- Gau, Mahisha

Gaja Yoni (Elephant)

Characteristics- Powerful, honorable, eminent

Nakshatra – Bharani, Revati

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Singha

Mesh Yoni (Goat)

Characteristics- Generous, brave, helpful

Nakshatra – Pushya, Kritika

Friendly yonis- Ashwa

Unfriendly yonis- Sarpa, Vanara

Sarpa Yoni (Snake)

Characteristics- Short-tempered, straightforward, playful

Nakshatra – Rohini, Mrigsheera

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Mesh

Shwan Yoni (Dog)

Characteristics- kind-heart, devoted, courageous

Nakshatra – Mool, Arda

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Marjara, Vyagrah

Marjara Yoni (Cat)

Characteristics- Arrogant, Versatile, Bold

Nakshatra – Ashlesha, Purnavasu

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Shwan

Mushaka Yoni (Rat)

Characteristics- intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive

Nakshatra – Magha, Purvaphalguni

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Mushaka, Sarpa

Gau Yoni (Cow)

Characteristics- Enthusiastic, optimistic, hard-working

Nakshatra- Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapad

Friendly yonis- Mriga

Unfriendly yonis- Vyagrah

Mahisha Yoni (Ox)

Characteristics- intellectual, short-tempered, enthusiastic

Nakshatra – Swati, Hasta

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Ashwa, Vyagrah

Vyagrah Yoni (tiger)

Characteristics- Versatile, independent, self-obsessed

Nakshatra – Vishakha, Chitra

Friendly yonis- Ashwa

Unfriendly yonis- Gau, Mahisha, Mriga, Shwan

Mriga Yoni (deer)

Characteristics- soft-spoken, peace-loving, broad-minded

 Nakshatra –     Jyeshtha, Anuradha

Friendly yonis- Gau

Unfriendly yonis- Vyagrah

Vanara Yoni (Monkey)

Characteristics- mischievous, courageous, greedy

Nakshatra – Purvashada, Sharavana

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Mesh

Nakul Yoni: (mongoose)

Characteristics- charitable, knowledgeable, devoted

Nakshatra – Uttarashada, Abhijeet

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Singha Yoni (Lion)

Characteristics- spiritual, noble, responsible

Nakshatra – Purva Bhadrapad, Dhanishtha

Friendly yonis- (depends on yoni score)

Unfriendly yonis- Gaja

Relationship between yoni and marriages

  • Swabhava Yoni- It indicates a perfect match
  • Friend Yoni- It indicates a harmonious and friendly relationship.
  • Neutral Yoni- It indicates an average bond.
  • Opposite Yoni- It is considered as inauspicious for an alliance.
  • Enemy Yoni- It indicates problematic married life

To conclude, Yoni compatibility is essential for a happy married life. Having said that, consult your astrologers for a complete Kundali reading before jumping to conclusions.