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Marriage Age Prediction

This post is about marriage age prediction by date of birth and time. I am going to explain each marriage age prediction from 16 to 25 at what age you will get married?T his marriage forecast is based on my experience of marriage astrology & research of marriage planets in the horoscope. Marriage is a remarkable event in life. Everyone ...

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Will my Married Life be successful? Ask An Astrologer

Why it is necessary to get horoscope examined before marriage?

Why it is necessary to get horoscope examined before marriage? Marital life is considered like a carriage and husband and wife are like two wheels of this carriage. If the carriage of married life has to run properly, then it is very important to have harmony between the two wheels i.e. husband and wife. What I mean to say is ...

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Arranged Marriage Or Love Marriage- What Your Marriage Horoscope Indicates

The increasing trend of love marriages in is not a new concept in the country since their existence was in the ancient times as well. Several points are there in the horoscope of a person that indicates whether love marriage or arranged marriage is destined for him. Marriage related birth chart houses-arranged marriage or love marriage: The houses in birth ...

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How will be my Married Life

How will be my marriage by date of birth

If you are worrying that how will be my married life as per astrology we can analyze by your Marriage Horoscope how the relations will be between husband and wife. Your Marriage Horoscope (7th house) has an important role in your married life. Married life is a base where two lives are at stake. We analyze by Marriage Horoscope how the relations will ...

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Siblings Marriage Prediction by your Horoscope

Know by your Horoscope - When will your Brother Sister Get Married

In our Indian culture children are to be married in an age respective order is an ideal practice. The elder one will get married first and then second child and then third and so on. If the elder brother/sister is still single then the younger one in line is expected to not get married until the elder one finds his ...

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Personalized Marriage Horoscope

Personalized Marriage Horoscope Hindi

This personalized marriage horoscope will be based on your date of birth & it will have what you want to ask & what you should ask about your marriage horoscope. Choose your questions from the list & get full detailed marriage horoscope prediction report. This marriage horoscope is fully manual so keep patience for the report. The personalized marriage horoscope ...

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किस उम्र में शादी होगी

Kis Umr Me Shadi Hogi

शादी जीवन की एक महत्वपूर्ण घटना है जिसके लिए हर किसी को कभी ना कभी इंतजार करना पड़ता है कभी-कभी यह इंतजार लंबा हो जाता है यदि ऐसा आपके साथ भी हो रहा है तो यह पोस्ट आपके लिए है इस पोस्ट में मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि 16 साल से 30 साल की उम्र मैं शादी के योग कैसे बनते ...

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2018 Shadi Yog

2018 Shadi Yog

Shadi Means Marriage and by Marriage or Shadi yog in 2018 I want to explain how will be marriage prediction as per your zodiac sign this year in 2018. Continue reading. Marriage! The most trans-formative event of our life. A day when you decide to live spend your life with your partner which requires partnership in each and everyday life. ...

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Directions for marriage

Directions for marriage in Horoscope

By direction, I am not only telling you by East and West but sometimes we seek our partner in the wrong direction. Many people want a working lady and many girls wish to have a good and educated housewife for marriage. Sometimes people ignore very good marriage proposals against their need like if a lady has some affair in her past ...

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Mismatched Marriage in Horoscope

Mismatched Couples and horoscope

Do you have Mismatched Marriages Yog in your Horoscope? Mismatched marriage means when there is no match between husband and wife.  In our society disconnected or unequal standards in marriage is a common scenario. In these cases there is a major difference between the husband and the wife. In most cases the husband is too old to the wife. If ...

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