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What is Kumbh Vivah and how it can help Manglik Bride or Groom?

Kumbh Vivah For Manglik Girl or Boy

The term Kumbh-Vivah is made up of the combination of the two words Kumbh and Vivah. Kumbha means an earthen pot and you know the meaning of marriage. Marriage with a pitcher is called a Kumbha marriage. A girl is married to a pitcher under certain special circumstances. This marriage is done in the same way as a real marriage. ...

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Partial Manglik


If you are partial manglik and looking for some solution, you should marry with the person who have similar yoga. You should not marry with Ghor Manglik, Prabal Manglik or Absolute Manglik. Because his / her Mars would affect on your life and you could not escape. If you have Partial Manglik Yog in Kundali you should not at least ignore ...

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Order Prediction

Order Marriage Prediction