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Love Horoscope Scorpio

My dear Scorpio, you are a confused soul. Your love horoscope says there are just two ways for you this year – when you meet someone interesting, you will either want to marry the person or you will want to be good friends. You will not settle for anything in between. However, you will be very active sexually and it ...

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Love Horoscope Libra

The stars say that Libra’s should be ready for confusion and chaos in 2018. If you are already in a relationship, change your perception about love. This will help you save your relationship, provided you want it to continue. Remember, you may not be wrong always, but don’t blame your partner for it. You need to listen to your partner ...

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Love Horoscope Virgo

You have been spending your time trying to find the perfect partner. The stars say that your quest will come to an end in 2018. However, there are a few conditions attached to this quest. You need to alter your way of thinking and try and see the things around you with a different perspective. Once you do this, the ...

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Love Horoscope Leo

Leos should be prepared for major changes in their love life in 2018. This is because Uranus is in your House of Love and Romance. The stars say that Leos will experience love at first sight. You will not know when and with whom you fall in love with. The truth will sink in only after it happens and this ...

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Love Horoscope Cancer

I am about to share how will be this year 2018 for Cancer as per love but before that let’s know what’s on their mind. People with Cancer zodiac are extremely sensitive, they take little things to their heart very often. You take every word to your heart and in the future, you shall be careful in the relationship and love life. ...

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Love Horoscope Gemini

The Twins will be very happy this year, as 2018 is all about strengthening and stabilizing bonds. You will be lucky in the matter of the heart, if you are single. So, if you are interested in someone, make sure you let the person know your feelings. The stars are favoring you and you will get the response you are ...

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Break up Relationship & Love in Horoscope

break up in relationship as per astrology

In the present article I have expressed myself on the Love Relationship. Love is a relation which comes into existence automatically. There is no concrete reason for it. Attraction for the opposite sex is quite natural. You like one person, his/her appeal comes into your mind and makes a place in it and finally you start like his/her everything. When ...

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How to match horoscopes for marriage

How to match horoscope for mariage

Usually people asks how to match horoscopes for marriage & good married life. The answer is love. This post will tell you how to match the horoscope perfectly. Love means emotions, feeling and attachment with each other. The unknown attraction to someone is also love. Feeling comes from Venus and Moon. They are ruling planet of love and emotions. If ...

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Co-Incidence or Sanjog of Marriage

marriage yoga in horoscope

In the present article I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence. It is said that God almighty fix the marriages in the heaven. That’s why sometimes girls & boys lives at the distant places but anyhow they come into contact with each other and get married. ...

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