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How to activate the first house of the horoscope

How to activate the first house of horoscope

I have started a new series of articles named “how to activate the first house of horoscope”. In this series, I will tell you the importance of each house of the horoscope. As you are well aware that there are twelve houses of the horoscope. From first to twelve houses each house represents the different sphere of life. Let’s start ...

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Relationship and Astrology

Love marriage yoga in kundli

In this post I will explain how relationship works as per astrology. We are human being and we live in a community . We are always associated with the society. Then we have all are relations in those we have the ones which are close to our heart. If we never had these relations in our lives then no one ...

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How to know past life through astrology

Previous Birth and Horoscope

How to know past life through astrology A while back, there was a television program that used hypnotism as a medium to tell a person about his past life.  Every person has a different perception about Previous Births or Past Life. Some believe in Previous Births and some don’t.  This post is for those who want to know past life ...

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Order Prediction

Order Marriage Prediction