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When will I get life partner

When I will get life partner

I am saying this only on the basis of the planetary position of men that when a particular planetary position is formed, your life partner comes into your life. Our experience says that female happiness is not written in the life of some people and female happiness is written late in someone’s life. Let us know why all this happens. ...

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How Astrology Helps You Find Date of Birth

How Astrology Helps You Find Date of Birth

Can a date of birth be predicted from planetary positions? Many people have no idea about their date of birth. However, astrology can help them predict the right date of birth. Well, that depends on one’s astrology data such as the planetary positions and changes in other signs. All these details are mentioned in your horoscope. A horoscope is something ...

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Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty

Astrology in the Time of Uncertainty

Will I ever get a job? Will I have a happy married life? Can I lose my business due to weak finances?  There are several moments in our life when we are not sure if we can survive the difficulties or not. As our mind is pinned down by uncertainty, we often get depressed and possessed even more by our doubts. Many people prefer ...

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When will I go abroad

When will I go abroad

If you are thinking about “when will I go abroad”. & trying hard for abroad settlement this astrology can tell you whether you will go abroad or not. Numerous people trying hard to settle abroad & waste their time in hope but some people get the chance by luck and some others have to see the face of failure. If ...

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Will my life-partner be loyal? How Astrology can Help?

How Astrology can help in finding loyalty of a life partner

Every young man or woman dreams of a beautiful and loyal life partner. They try to find a suitable partner for themselves with whom they can fall in love with. There is nothing bad in this kind of attraction towards the opposite sex before marriage. However, everyone keeps in mind that love, romance etc. activities should not go beyond the ...

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Will I settle abroad

Abroad Settlement in astrology

9th & 4th house are the key planets by astrology for Abroad or foreign settlement. Please share your date of birth for abroad settlement calculator check. This article is related to abroad settlement by astrology. There is nothing to get surprised if the horoscopes can indicate someone goes abroad for the career. Sometimes planetary positions are not suitable for people ...

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Co-Incidence or Sanjog of Marriage

marriage yoga in horoscope

In the present article, I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence. It is said that God almighty fix the marriages in heaven. That’s why sometimes girls & boys live at the distant places but anyhow they come into contact with each other and get married. Every ...

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Saturn in Horoscope – Effects & Remedies

Effects of Saturn position in the different houses of Horoscope Much has been written on this topic but I will try to introduce my esteemed readers with my own experiences. It is said that Saturn is the enemy of Sun but I have noticed that Saturn is neither the friend nor the enemy of anyone. The people who are affected ...

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When will I get promotion as per astrology

When will I get promoted as per astrology

Transfer and promotion in job is a must otherwise you will get bored soon. Sometimes it take long and you are fed up of your old job. Let’s know what astrology says in this regard. Let’s know how will you get promoted or when will be change in your life. After reading this article you may come to know when ...

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Who can wear Blue Sapphire

Who can wear blue sapphire

Most people asks who can wear blue sapphire as its effects are extremely negative & instant but the fact is diferent. Let’s know who can wear blue sapphire. Blue Sapphire is a famous gemstone. It is believed that it shows its effect within moments. As per my own experience if any gemstones or Semi-gemstone does not suit you it shows its effect in couple ...

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Astrology as business

Marriage Horoscope

On the basis of my experiences I can say that 60% astrology experts around us are fake, thug and swindler and expert in how to take advantage of the human emotions. Their aim is to extract money from you. They don’t have the knowledge of astrology. They are hypocrite and imposture. The unhappy, upset people want the solution of their ...

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Kundali and sade sati

Sadhe Saati

Kundali Sade Sati Report & Fear Sade Sati (seven & half years) of Saturn is very popular term among the Indians though they know very less about it. The people feared too much from the Saturn that they are ready to do any thing at the name of Saadhe saati (seven & half years). Once you tell them you are ...

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प्रेम सम्बन्ध और राहू

Love affairs & Rahu

अधिकांश लोग नहीं जानते कि प्रेम सम्बन्ध ज्योतिष के गणित से कैसे बनते हैं | लोग कहते हैं की शुक्र का स्वराशी में होना, बारहवें भाव का बलवान होना या शुक्र से सम्बन्ध होना पंचम भाव का बलवान होना ही काफी है | परन्तु सच्चाई कुछ और है | Download this Article In PDF Astrology में पिछले कुछ वर्षों के ...

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Conventional Horoscope Matching

Government job yoga in kundali horoscope

Horoscope Matching is not gun milan Horoscope matching is not just Gun Milan. This is question of someone’s life so it should be detailed. Letter of the name, Vashya, Star or Day,Yoni, Union of Planetes, Gann, Bhakoot and Naadi count are the aspect considered while matchmaking. This is not enough in fact. Read this article in Hindi What are the ...

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Career in Film Industry by astrology

Horoscope Kundali of Katrina Kaif

Usually people ask me Will I become an actor but the answer is in your horoscope itself. This post is all about career in film industry. if you are looking for success in film industry astrology can help you but you must have such planetary positions ideal for an actor. Every individual is curious to know if they can be ...

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Single Gemstone by date of birth

Just one Lucky Stone for all aspects of life

Why Multiple Gemstones Some people have often been seen wearing different Gemstones on their fingers. Some do it for their need and others wear it just for an interest. It’s a different thing if people wear Gemstones because they are fond of it, but I want to share something very important with people who wear Gemstones on the advice of an astrologer. My Astrology Experience Recently ...

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Numerology – The Important Dates of your Life

Numerology and Important Dates of your life

Numerology is a part of astrology. In Numerology all the planets have numerical value. Numerology is easy rather than astrology. One can understand it without having the knowledge of astrology. At least he can get the information about himself easily. He may come to know that which numeral shall be beneficial for him. The person having a little knowledge of ...

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According to Indian Vedic Astrology Brihaspati is also called Guru (Jupiter). This is the biggest of all planets. This planet represents the color: yellow. Those who have more effect of Jupiter in their Birth Chart can become a Teacher, Lawyer, Judge, Scholar,Astrologer or Jeweler. A person owning a Book Shop,AyurvedaClinics, Library,PrintingMachine etc. too is the effect of Jupiter in their Birth Chart.   Jupiter is an auspicious planet ...

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How is your Mercury

Mercury in Kundli

Let’s talk about the importance of Mercury in Kundli. Budh/Mercury is known to be son of Moon. As per astrology Mercury is Persuasive nature, To make friend in a jiffy, Find a way out in odd situations, To mesmerize the audience, To influence listeners, is all because of the effects of Mercury. It is said that any person associated with ...

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Order Prediction

Order Marriage Prediction