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Surprising benefit of Aquarium in your house

Every month you want to save some money from your salary but during the last week of the month when you see that you could not save the money then you decide to save money from your next salary. This happens almost with every person who belongs to the middle class. Every month they could not save enough due to some unseen & unexpected expenditure. They always find their monthly budget unbalanced. Money is not the problem but the problem is how to save, how to keep money in their hand. It is very easy to earn but to save money is difficult.

If you are facing the same problem then this article is definitely for you. I will tell you one very easy remedy if you opt this remedy then you will see that on the financial front things have been improved.  

Bring the Aquarium for prosperity

Aquarium is very beneficial as it stop money drainage. I think you are well acquainted with Aquarium. It is made of glass and you can keep the aquatic species in it as your pet. After some time you will see that these small watery creatures have become the members of your family. You will find yourself so attached with them that you will not be able to live without seeing them.

As far as astrology is concerned, these creatures are important. Any type of living & active thing which is placed in the south-east direction of the house brings the positive energy in that direction. 

Right direction to place the Aquarium

We should always put the Aquarium in the right direction in the house. The best right direction is South-east. If it is not possible to place the aquarium in the South-east direction then the next good directions are South and East respectively. The remaining directions are not good for the health of fish. The west direction is bad and South-west & west directions are so bad that the fish can not survive even for a week. 

Beneficial for the sick

Suppose any member of your family is sick or bed ridden. It is seen that Aquarium may be beneficial in curing his disease. No one will believe that these little creatures can save you and your family from the disease. It is hard to believe but try yourself then you will come to know that the medicine which was not helpful now has started to cure you. In fact, some creatures take the diseases of your family upon themselves. 

Sade Saati of Saturn and get rid of its ill effects

If Saturn is the malefic planet in your horoscope, Mahadasha or Antardasha of Saturn is going on or you are troubled by Sadhe Saati of Saturn, then I suggest you to bring the Aquarium in your house. No doubt you will see its positive effect in a few days. By keeping black fish in aquariums and caring for them, you can get relief from the ill effects of Saturn.

If there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the horoscope, obstacles are encountered during the marriage of the Native. I will suggest you to keep the black and white fish in the aquarium and take care of them; no doubt you will get the benefit from it in a few days. 


I have always taken care in my articles that my readers may get interesting and true information. Whenever there is a new experience, I definitely mention it in my article. As far as Aquarium is concerned, I have been experiencing the benefit of Aquarium for the last fourteen years. Any person to whom, I have advised to keep Aquarium for any reason, has got the positive results only.

 Still, it depends on you how you take the thing. Aquarium is a thing to take care of. Prior to placing the aquarium, it is important to have general information about it. The little creatures should not be hurt due to your ignorance. You should keep the aquarium only when you have the knowledge of all things like heat, cold, cleaning, oxygen, feed etc. Readers are requested to work with their discretion.

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