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Successful Love Marrige

Successful love marriage by astrology and Which planet makes love marriage successful

There is a lot of information available on love marriage, if you will see on my site, then I myself have written many articles on this subject.

What can be the significance of the word “successful” in love marriage? In this article, I have used a successful love marriage in the title. I will try to tell you how a love marriage is successful.

In our society even today, love marriage is not much recognized in modern times, rich-poor, upper caste-lower caste, religion, etc. many factors play an important role for a marriage. Many obstacles come in the way of love marriage; society does not recognize the love marriage of rich and poor among the higher castes. Even if it is low or not, society does not recognize love marriage, if the religion of the young man and woman is different, then it becomes very difficult to make love marriage. Even, the parents & siblings, relatives stand first in the path of love marriage as big obstacles.

Love marriage will be successful only when young boy and young girls choose each other as their spouses by mutual consent and decide to marry. Their parents and other relatives respect their decision and they live their lives happily after the love marriage. If we see this type of situation in life then we can call it a successful love marriage.

That love marriage can never be called successful when the young boy & girl are not allowed to marriage by their parents, society. After protesting against the parents and society, they elope from home and get married, but their life is spent with fear. In many cases, the young boy and the girl run away from home and do love marriage, but shortly after the marriage, they start fighting, the dispute arises between them. They split up and feel that they have done something wrong. In many cases, the quarrel increases so much that the girls commit suicide instead of going home to their parents.

Now the role of Astrology starts from this point. If a girl and boy are in love with each other but before taking any final decision, they should take the advice of a learned astrologer. If they take the advice of an astrologer and take decision regarding marriage then they will not suffer because after checking their horoscope the astrologer will explain to them the possible problems, obstacles they may face. The astrologer will also give them the remedy if required. He will clearly tell them whether their love marriage is going to be successful or not.   

Planet responsible for successful Love Marriage

According to astrology, Venus is the factor of marriage in the horoscope of boy and in the same way; Jupiter is the factor of marriage in the horoscope of girl. You know there are twelve houses in the horoscope and each house represents a different aspects of our life. The fifth house of the horoscope represents Romance in the life apart from other things. The seventh house represents marriage. When fifth & seventh house of the horoscope establish any kind of relationship then person gets love marriage in life. 

When the lord of fifth house, seventh house, planet Venus and Jupiter establish relationship with each other in the horoscope then it will be likely that the boy or girl will get love marriage. The more auspicious this relationship among the planets, the more likely that the love marriage will be successful. When lords of the fifth house and lord of the seventh house have any kind of auspicious relationship with Venus and Jupiter then there will be no obstacles in the path of successful marriage. This relationship may include relationship of conjunction, relationship of aspect, sight, interchange of house and interchange of zodiac sign.


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