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Significance of the Twelve Houses in Vedic Astrology

Like the 12 zodiac signs in astrology, the Vedic astrology believes in 12 houses, or Bhavas encompasses every aspect of a person’s life. According to Vedic Astrology, each sign rules a house. A Kundli, also known as the birth chart, consists of 12 equal sections or houses with the signs beginning counter-clockwise, forming a 360° angle.

These houses are of tremendous significance to Vedic Astrology as leading astrologers predict our future and shape our present by analyzing these houses. Our traits, fate, luck, happiness, health, career, hurdles, psyche, etc. are all connected to these houses. Let’s have a look at how each house in our birth chart plays a role in our lives.

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Before we begin with the significance, let’s have a look at the signs/houses and their ruling planets-

  • Aries or the first house is ruled by Mars.
  • Taurus or the second house is ruled by Venus.
  • Gemini or third house is ruled by mercury.
  • Cancer or fourth house is ruled by the moon.
  • Leo or the fifth house is ruled by the sun.
  • Virgo or sixth house is ruled by mercury and Rahu.
  • Libra or the seventh house is ruled by Venus.
  • Scorpio or the eighth house is ruled by Mars and Ketu.
  • Sagittarius or the ninth house is ruled by Jupiter.
  • Capricorn or the tenth house is ruled by Saturn.
  • Aquarius or the eleventh house is ruled by Saturn and Rahu.
  • Pisces or the twelfth house is ruled by Jupiter.

Let’s move on to the houses and the significance.

First house
  • It signifies the personality of a person, brain, overall well-being, general characteristics, mental behavior, and thought process.
  • Favorable for the moon, Mars, Jupiter, mercury, and sun.
  • Unfavorable for Saturday and Venus.
Second house
  • It signifies assets, wealth, positions like household inheritance, clothing, jewelry, family, general eyesight, and basic education.
  • Favorable for Mercury, Venus, moon, and Saturn.
Third house
  • Younger siblings, hobbies, ears, throat and neck, communication, media, short distance travel and goals, and courage.
  • Favorable for Saturn, Mars, moon, and Venus.
  • Unfavorable for mercury.
Fourth house
  • Vehicles, mother, sex property, emotions, happiness, chest, lung, heart, private life, comfort, high school education, and luxuries.
  • Favorable for Venus and Mercury.
  • Unfavorable for Saturday and Mars.
Fifth house
  • Imagination, the power of creativity, memory, romantic emotions, intelligence, competition, good karma, stomach, liver, spleen, Diplomacy, fame, kidneys, and lower back.
  • Favorable for the moon, Mars, Jupiter, mercury, and sun
  • Unfavorable for Saturn
Sixth house
  • Acute sickness, surgeries, Agony, hygiene, medicine, Theft, criticism, small intestine, urinary bladder, pregnancy, Lower waist, enemies, debt, and litigation.
  • Favorable for mercury
  • Unfavorable for Venus, sun, Jupiter, Saturn,and moon
Seventh house
  • Relationships with people, partnerships, marriage, foreign places, sexuality, spouse, sexual organs, intestine, Business partnerships, and sexual habits.
  • Favorable for Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and moon.
  • Unfavorable for the sun and Jupiter.
Eighth house
  • Tragic accidents, injuries, death, transformations, occult, deep analysis or research, detachment from success, change of residence or lifestyle, internal Sexual organs, chronic diseases, and obstacles.
  • Favorable for sun and Jupiter.
  • Unfavorable for Mars, mercury, and moon.
Ninth house
  • Mentor, father, higher education, universities, destiny, temples, long-distance travel, divine health, house of wealth, foreign residents, and intelligence.
  • Favorable for sun, Mars, Jupiter, and moon.
  • Unfavorable for Venus and Mercury.
Tenth house
  • Professional life, career, prestige, fame, energy at work, karma, government, power, and honor.
  • Favorable for Mars and Saturn.
  • Unfavorable for sun, moon, and Jupiter
Eleventh house
  • Income, promotions, fluid wealth, long-term goals, social Circle, desires, recognition from the government, and elder siblings.
  • Favorable for Neptune and Rahu
  • Unfavorable for the moon.
Twelfth house
  • Imprisonment, expenses, hospitalization, dreams, long-distance travel, letting go, grief, hidden enemies, weaknesses, Insomnia, and loss.
  • Favorable for Mars, son, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus
  • Unfavorable for mercury and moon.

The twelve different houses of Vedic astrology have a huge significance, according to astrologers. Almost every reading of a birth chart is carried out by examining and analyzing every house minutely.

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