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2018 Shadi Yog

2018 Shadi Yog

Shadi Means Marriage and by Marriage or Shadi yog in 2018 I want to explain how will be marriage prediction as per your zodiac sign this year in 2018. Continue reading.

Marriage! The most trans-formative event of our life. A day when you decide to live spend your life with your partner which requires partnership in each and everyday life. Your habits, your timings, your priorities and what not. Didn’t we heard a term “Marriages are made in Heaven”, this term is aptly said by our ancestors. Yes! Marriages can happen when your stars are positive, It is an amalgamation of movements of planets and zodiacs. Please read this article further for marriage predictions, weather you are single or married, weather you have selected a partner to tie a knot or looking for a right match.

Position of Jupiter and Venus affect the matter of marriage. Moreover, Jupiter is highly dominant when it comes to decision of marriage precisely it matters on time of the marriage.Currently, Jupiter moved in libra from Virgo from the end of 2017 and it will be positioned there till October 2018 which can bring about major changes in marriage horoscopes and other auspicious events in our home. Though within that period Mars is moving to Capricorn so let’s discuss these two planetary movements in detail

Below are the detailed descriptions of marital horoscope for all the zodiacs, Please have a look:

Shadi yog for Aries in 2018

For all the Aries, Jupiter aspects Aries, this movement of Jupiter position itself in the eighth house which is the most favourable time for relationships. So, the possibility of marriage is increased though your communications or argumentative nature can bring reverse effects so you better take care of it in this time for your relationships. Meanwhile Mars’ transition in Capricorn from 3rd May to 6thNovember 2018 will have balanced effects on Aries.After October 2018 there are seldom chances of marriage for Aries.

Shadi yog for Taurus in 2018

For all the Taurus, the Jupiter movement in Libra assigns the 6th house from your sign so this is the time you can balance your life most effectively and your relations too. If you are expecting to get married it will require good amount of efforts you make to fulfil your goal of marriage. Once the Jupiter leaves the libra in October 2018 it will open the gates to marriage.

The second transit is scheduled to happen in May 2018 for Mars moving to Capricorn but apparently there is a rare chance of any reverse effects on marriage or relationships.

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Shadi yog for Gemini in 2018

For all the Geminis, since Jupiter aspects Gemini too in this movement this will create new opportunities for Gemini. If you are waiting for your time to get married then that time has arrived all your goal related to marriage can be fulfilled in this period if you feel that your prospect is taking time keep patience then and there it will be cleared out soon. Since Ketu favours Gemini For lovers you can turn your love partner into your life partner, this is right time to call out all the family members and tie a knot in their presence.

Mars transit in Capricorn in May 2018 doesn’t really bother Geminis.

Shadi yog for Cancer in 2018

For all the Cancerians, since this transition Jupiter places itself in the fourth house which is a good sign but along with that even mars will also place itself in cancer from 3rd May 2018 to 7thNovember 2018,  so hurdles are likely to come in your prospect of marriage. Patience is your key to endure this period. Post October 2018 you can look for your marriage prospect again since Mars too transit again in November 2018 thus, it increases chances of marriage. If you are already married, Because of the Mars Transit stay cautious in this time and keep your relationship peaceful and Harmonic.

Shadi yog for Leo in 2018

For all Leo, Jupiter will shower its blessings with this transit and if you are waiting when to tie a knot this is the right time go ahead and start your preparation for marriage but since Mars is in transit too from 3rd May 2018 to 7thNovember 2018, it is likely to create marital problems for all the married couple so stay cautious till November 2018 and cherish your relationship.

Shadi yog for Virgo in 2018

For all the Virgo, this transit will bring hard time for getting married. Keep yourself ready after October 2018 once Jupiter transit again.

Mars transit in Capricorn in May 2018  to November 2018 doesn’t really bother Virgo.

Shadi yog for Libra in 2018

For all the Librans, Jupiter itself moving in libra it signifies positivity since Jupiter is the planet of happiness. Marriages are really made in heaven for you in this period. If you are looking for a match or expecting to get married this period will turn out be fruitful but with little hard work and patience you can achieve this goal.

Nominal Effects on Libra for Mars Transiting during May 2018 to November 2018.

Shadi yog for Scorpio in 2018

For all the Scorpions,request you to have patience and optimism indeed it is a hard time. Think about your marriage prospect after October 2018.

Mars transit in Capricorn in May 2018 to November 2018 doesn’t really bother Scorpio.


Shadi yog for Sagittarius in 2018

For all the Sagittarians, Jupiter navigates through the eleventh house for your sign. Which is a favourable sign for you. Utilise this time to get all the benefits including marriage. This is a good time to get married or start a relationship even if you have seen complications in your love life since Rahu retrogrades and Ketu exalts signifies positive signal for Lovers, this period will bring the positivity and will clear all the hurdles to get married with your love Jupiter will be in your support all along.

Shadi yog for Capricorn in 2018

For all the Capricorns, your wish of marriage can be fulfilled after November 2018 since mars movement from May 2018 to November 2018 can affect your decision till the time stay positive and patient. For married couples challenging times are ahead because of Mars movement so put on your caution guards pass through this time with patience and harmony.

Shadi yog for Aquarius in 2018

For all the Aquarius, Jupiter handles seventh and eleventh place of your sign and travelling ninth place from your sign this will improve your relationships. Ideal time to tie a knot so go ahead and start your preparations. Aquarius has seldom effect of Mars transit from May 2018 to November 2018.

Shadi yog for Pisces in 2018

For all the Pisces, Jupiter is dominant for your sign and travels eighth house from your sign which impacts your relationships in a positive way for married couple this will be a period of harmony. Those who seek to tie knot, don’t worry you can move forward and fulfil your wish though this flowery time will end once Jupiter leaves libra in October 2018. But do not lose hope because after October 2018 you can still search your ideal partner so keep hunting. Mars movement from May 2018 to November 2018 doesn’t affect Pisces.


Ultimately, Jupiter considered to be a beneficial for all the signs but still one or some other factors also have their effects so the signs which have chances to be one with their partner in 2018 cherish this time make wise decisions and fulfil your relationship goals those who are likely to face the hardships, please keep your optimism high your time will come indeed. Mars transitions from May 2018 to November 2018 has its own calculations and effects has been described above so act accordingly and you will get a desired result.

Jupiter will be transiting in Scorpio and Sagittarius which too have its pros and cons but overall it is good for family and relationships.

Hope this article is helpful to you, please share your valuable feedback about this article and stay tuned for the next planet transition updates.


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