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Scorpio Marriage Prediction Year 2021-22- Scorpio Marriage Yog

If you have a Scorpio zodiac and are trying to get married, then in this post we will tell you whether there is a chance of your marriage at the end of the year 2021 and the whole year 2022. First of all let us know how are your planets at this time. After taking stock of the planetary position, you will know how the next year is going to be for you.

At present, Ketu is sitting in Scorpio and Rahu is in the seventh house of the horoscope. These two planets have been bothering you in 2021 and will trouble you to some extent in 2022 as well.

Rahu and Ketu are having the most influence on your marriage, so love affairs and relationships will not turn into marriage. This result of Rahu Ketu will continue till 11th April 2022.

On April 13, Jupiter will enter the fifth house of your horoscope and with this there will be sudden changes in your life. All these changes will be positive. Marriage proposals will start coming and by the end of July some relationship will be such that it will turn into love affairs. If there is already a love relationship, then there will be sweetness in the relationship and you will be able to get married. This year from April month of 2022, you will get married by the end of the year if you try. Even if you are worried about the marriage of your son or daughter, your worries will go away between September 2022 to December.

Saturn’s Prediction

Saturn is situated in the third house of the horoscope. Third Saturn brings dryness in your love relationship. Love-related matters will move towards marriage, but there are chances of some hindrances. At the end of the year, Shani will be auspicious for your marriage. In the next year 2023, Saturn’s zodiac change is going to happen from Capricorn to Aquarius, so this year Shani is auspicious. You have to make efforts to maintain sweetness in your relationships. Although Shani will present delay in every work, but eventually you will get married in the next year after September.


What other planets say in your marriage prediction?

Rest of the planets play a partial role in your marriage as all of them have very short tenure. It takes time for a relationship to flourish and turn into a marriage. Sun, Venus and Mercury take one month while Mars takes one and a half month in one zodiac. This year after the month of August, the lord of your horoscope, Mars will remain in Taurus for a long time, so after the month of August, your love relations may decrease. There will be fights between you and your partner over trivial matters. There will be a decrease in goodwill towards each other. There will be excess of anger and the atmosphere of the family will be disturbed. In a tense atmosphere, the joy of marriage and ceremony fades away. Now it is up to you how much patience you have towards your partner.

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