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Scientist by horoscope

Scientist by Horoscope

During my research, which was focused on career choices by horoscope, I’ve figured out some interesting details about scientists. In this post, I am going to explain planetary positions to become a scientist. For free career prediction fill the form at the end of the post. 

Investigating deeper in this field, I found Mars, Saturn, and Venus more important among all the planets when we talk about a career in scientific domains. Here is how we can elaborate the symbolic meanings of these planets:

The Venus Symbolizes Advanced Technology

The people, who have strong imprints of Venus in their horoscope, are inclined towards inventing new technologies. You must have heard the saying that ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’. The verse is well-followed by these people and they keep on fulfilling the needs of the human race by creating technologies.

Saturn is all about hard-core machines and techniques

Saturn symbolizes planet of the machine and extremely technical things. It’s not compulsory that everyone with Saturn, holding the strongest planetary position, will become a scientist but such people will definitely have a deep interest in the machine and how things work. This interest may take these people to opt for scientific job positions as their career.

Mars is lord of Chemicals & Fuel 

Let me tell you the value of having Mars in your horoscope!

Each and every machine dependent upon a fuel system and Mars is that fuel. Without fuel so far nothing is there in the world of science.

Its importance is same as that of blood in our body.

Chemicals and fuels for space research machines are prepared very carefully so that the precious machines succeed in their tasks in the least attempts.

Mars Venus and Saturn are key planets

I have analyzed the planetary positions of many scientists. The one and only thing common in all these professionals were the planets in their horoscope. Mars, Venus, and Saturn were dominating the horoscope of these successful scientists.

The more concern of these three planet with fifth house and 11th house will bless you with the knowledge of deep science and technology. Weaker planets will at least makes you science teacher. Powerful planets will take you to the profession of scientist. 

Astrology will help you as a divine science if your newborn baby has ideal planetary positions to become a scientist, and if you know this thing you will definitely make your efforts.

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Your children might have such planets

This prior knowledge may make you or the small kids succeed very quickly in the life. I hope you’ve got all the answers related to these planets and their impact on your career as a scientist.

If I’ve missed something or you have any query, you can drop a direct e-mail to me. I will be reverted as soon as possible in order to resolve your issues and confusions.

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