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Saturn the Intetesting Facts

Saturn in Horoscope – The Interesting facts

Effects of Saturn position in the different houses of Horoscope

Much has been written on this topic but I will try to introduce my esteemed readers with my own experiences. It is said that Saturn is the enemy of Sun but I have noticed that Saturn is neither the friend nor the enemy of anyone.

The people who are affected by Saturn can be easily identified. The auspicious & inauspicious effects of Saturn on the Native are as follows:-

1. Auspicious Effects of Saturn In Horoscope :-

  1.        I.      The Native shall have no attachment with the money & worldly things.
  2.     II.      His inclination shall be towards seclusion.
  3.  III.      He will prefer to live in the remote & solitude.


2. Inauspicious Effects of Saturn In Horoscope:-

  1.              I.      One of the biggest malefic effects of Saturn on the Native is that despite being innocent he may be punished and sentenced for long imprisonment as Saturn is the significator of longevity
  2.           II.      He will remain in dirty clothes & indifferent and unconcerned towards his body, beauty etc.
  3.        III.      Most probably he may have developed the feeling of hatred toward the society & community.
  4.        IV.      The Native’s marriage may be delayed.


3. Results of placement of Saturn in the 12th house of Horoscope

Saturn is the slowest moving planet, though it delayed but never denied. Let us come to know the results of placement of Saturn in the 12th houses of Horoscope.


Saturn in First House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 1st house governs physique, appearance, strength, and happiness. Presence of Saturn in this house makes the Native tall, impressive personality, fluent in speech. The Native will not speak meaningless. The Native may be a Government official. 
Malefic Effects As Saturn is the significator of the longevity, it gives the Native prolonged illness along with long life.Native may have to separate from his brothers/sisters. He may suffer from the Arthritis.
Remedies The Native except Cancer & Leo Ascendant are advised to wear Sapphire for the whole life.
Saturn in Second House of kundali Benefic Effects The 2nd house governs speech, income, family, enemies related to income. Saturn gives here good knowledge.
Malefic Effects Native may not have the enough money, he may be poor. 2nd placed Saturn aspects the 4th house therefore Native never get good results in respect of home, he may not have a peaceful domestic life, may have a lot of differences with family members.As long as the Native shall be in his family, he will be suffered. More explicitly, alone, single & orphan individual person can be happy in this situation. In other words, he will have to suffer always from the relative & relations.   Native may not have a good relations with mother, possibilities of separation with mother is also there.  Native may suffer from injurious in his childhood.2nd placed Saturn also gives the eyes related problems.  
Remedies The Native is advised to take special care of his mother. Try to make a distance from the hard cash. Don’t put coin in your pocket or wallet. Don’t spend money on iron or iron related things. Don’t purchase land at your own name, if you already have then transfer it to your spouse or children’s name.
Serurn in Third House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 3rd house governs siblings, courage, anger, journeys.The presence of Saturn in the 3rd house makes the Native courageous. The Native shall have very good & helpful friend.The Native will acquire good & higher education. There are strong possibilities of long journeys.
Malefic Effects Due to presence of Saturn in 3rd house obstacles may come in the path of education.Many ups and down shall come in the Native’s life, it is important to note that he will overcome all the problems.Fear of sudden death is also there.Native will have to suffer from the pain of separation of brother, sister or any close friend.
Remedies Worship of God Hanuman will change your life. Invest on iron.
Saturn in Fourth House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 4th house governs mother, house & domestic harmony, peace in life, and vehicles.4th placed Saturn gives wealth, vehicles, comfort & all Luxuries.
Malefic Effects Presence of Saturn in the 4th house gives either Native or his mother prolonged illness. The Native may have to separate from his mother, from his family, from his In-Laws. He may be detached from his house.The Native shall not have the mental satisfaction throughout his life.
Remedies Early in the morning before start doing your daily routine, Go to God Hanuman Temple daily, take the vermilion from the feet of God Hanuman and anointing the forehead
Saturn in Fifth House  of Kundali Benefic Effects The 5th house governs education, knowledge, and children. Saturn in the fifth house gives courage to proceed to achieve the goal. The Native shall have inclination towards Esoteric lore & knowledge. He shall struggle throughout his life to attain the specialized knowledge. His hunger to attain the knowledge shall never come to an end. He shall be blessed by the Goddess Saraswati.
Malefic Effects The Native’s curse shall come to true. He may not have the children or their birth will be delayed.
Remedies You are advised to wear Sapphire to vanish all your problems.
Saturn in Sixth House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 6th house governs the ability to recover from illness, victory over enemy.   Presence of Saturn gives the power to the Native for the destruction of his enemy.  Saturn also gives the ability for the quick recovery from diseases. Native remains rich he does not face shortage or lack of money.
Malefic Effects Placement of Saturn in the sixth house gives many diseases such as Rheumatism, Chest & Stomach problems, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis and other surgery. However, Saturn also enables the Native for quick recovery from these ailments.
Remedies Always make a distance from the iron & medicine business. Don’t invest your money on the iron machinery & things made of iron.
Saturn in Seventh House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 7th house governs the spouse, business, and deeds prior to death. Presence of Saturn in the seventh is ideal situation. Saturn remains happy in the seventh house of the horoscope. Native receives the Love, cooperation from his life partner. During the Seven & half years of Saturn (Sadhe Saati of Shani) the Native shall rise. I have noticed that Shani Sadhe Saati will never be adverse & inimical to the Native. We may declare the Native fortunate.
Malefic Effects As Saturn is the significator of the longevity, it delays but never denied. The seventh Saturn delayed in marriage, delayed in making home.
Remedies Worship the God Ram along with God Hanuman.
Saturn in Eight House of Kundali Benefic Effects The placement of Saturn in the 8th house makes the Native a frequent traveller to abroad. He may settle in the foreign country also. He shall get higher education. He shall be alwasy busy in his business.
Malefic Effects 8th house gives the prolonged illness. Native will have to separate from his father in his early age. At least two times in the life he will have to suffer from heavy loss in the business. A large part of his life will be spent in repaying the debt.
Remedies Make a distance from iron. Donate the medicine to a poor & needy person and bear the expenses of operation of any needy person.
Saturn in Ninth House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 9th house governs fortune, religion, pilgrimages. the placement of Saturn in ninth provide the Native every worldly pleasure still he may want to live alone and will enjoy isolation more than anything. Dont run after money, it will come to you authomatically.
Malefic Effects Ninth Saturn will create obstacle for your luck. Saturn will delay all your work & project. In your personal life, you may get the children after a long waiting period and Your children will also get their children delayed. If you have given your money to someone then there shall be delayed in getting back your money.
Remedies Saturn in the Ninth house is Pujya therefore Saturn will give you good result only after its worship. Wear Saturn’s Gem stone Katela. Don’t use Alcohols & Non-veg.
Saturn in Tenth House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 10th house governs authority, profession, honor, father etc. The placement of Saturn in 10th house give the Native high Post, Position & Reputation. The Native shall have a vast work area. The Native becomes very special and his deed will not let him common. Native will get reward from the Government. He will not care the money and get full cooperation from the spouse.  
Malefic Effects The debt will chase you for the whole life. You will be separated from your father and you will have to suffer from your mother.
Remedies You will get only 10% remuneration of your work, it means more work and less reward. If you will do less work and sit idle then your life will be full of sorrow & poverty. Never sit idle.
Saturn in Eleventh House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 11th house governs all possessions, income, prosperity, and net profit. Native will get money, support & help from his In-Laws. He shall have never lack of money. He will get name, fame & honor but he will have to hear bad news more than the good news. This Saturn will make the Native a Scholar and he will get the wealth by his luck instead of his hard work.
Malefic Effects Eleventh house is profit but this house & Saturn will give the Native tension also. Native will be suffered from headache, hearing problems, stomach problems. Native will have to face the disputes related to  immovable property. Saturn will give you unhappiness during its Dasha & Antardasha. Saturn will realize you at every moments that money is not everything. He will have worries related to his daughter.
Remedies You may remain happy when you attached closely to wealth, opulence, resources, etc. In order to get mentally & physically relief you are advised to wear Blue Garnet.
Saturn in Twelve House of Kundali Benefic Effects The 12th house is related to expenses, history of enemies, and imprisonment. Saturn in the 12th house makes the Native a contractor or builder, and even if he do not work in these areas, he will have a very good idea of it.
Malefic Effects When Saturn in the 12th most people met with accident. They face foot injury again and again. I have noticed Saturn in the 12th house in the horoscope of people unable to walk. Though it does not happen in each & every case but I will advised to take care of foot to all people who are having Saturn in 12th house of their horoscope.12th Saturn gives Diabetes, Alcohol addiction, Perpetual Anxiety, Gambling or betting, Heavy debt, Economic Crunch, Lucklessness. He will realize that luck is not favoring and get disappointment from the relatives.
Remedies You are advised to immerse the raw coal equal to your weight in the river on Saturday.



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