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Sadhe Saati

Saturn and Sade Sati

If you love astrology, you must have knowledge about Saturn in horoscope. Saturn resides in any Zodiac for two & half years. Whenever it comes in any sign then not only it affects the residing Zodiac sign but also affect the backward & forward Zodiac Signs.

Due to this characteristic the time span of Seven & half year is calculated which we better know as Sadhe Sati. This time span of seven & half years scares a lot. While I have experienced myself that during this time span people get to know the truth of life. Three periods of two & half years affects the life of a person in this manner.

Initial Stage of Sade Sati

In this period Saturn stays 2.5 years in 12th house of horoscope. During 1st period of two & half years the person becomes indebted or spends so much that his all savings comes to an end. In this situation person expects help from relatives which seldom comes. Means first truth is, we came to know who at the time of trouble comes handy. The real face of relatives & friends exposes at this time. If there is elderly person in your family then it may be the time of his departure or you may spend too much on illness of any family member that your budget fumbles. This time tells itself that death is a universal truth.

Currently Saturn is in Libra. Saturn is going to change its zodiac sign on 2nd November 2014. From 2nd November Sagittarius Sign will be under the influence of Saturn’s first stage Sadhe Sati.

During 2nd period of two & half years a person has to do too much hard work. During this time a person get deprived from his friends. Crisis arises between husband wives.  This period tell you the truth that only hard work will bear fruits.  Expecting help from others proves futile. In the end those will only help you, whom you had helped at the time of calamity.

From 2nd November Scorpio Sign will be under the influence of Saturn’s middle stage Sade  Sati.

Last Stage of Sade  Sati

During 3rd period of two & half year means after 5 years the time proves to be more difficult.  Person suffers with financial crisis. Person suffers separation because of death of any family member. A bad news comes of some relative’s demise. You may suffer a lot if you sell vehicle or home at this time. Any type of benefits seems too distant  dream. Person’s life fills with troubles & crisis. This time tells you the value of savings for difficult times. This is the time to reap all evil deeds.

From 2nd November Libra Sign will be under the influence of Saturn’s middle stage Sade  Sati.

Leo Zodiac Sign will be free by Saturn’s Sade Sati after 2 November 2014.

Solutions for Sade Sati

This way Saturn gives you only that what you have preserved for yourself. If you have done some good deeds then at the end of Sade Sati you will surely get some good benefits. Amazing thing is everybody wants only happiness. He, who respects both sadness & happiness in same manner, doesn’t need to worry from Sade Sati. Saturn itself is a replica/image of pauper, sick, old & helpless people.

Wherever there is pain/suffering there is Saturn. For example Government hospital and prison. Saturn himself is a judge who gives appropriate justice to everybody. So if you feel scared of Saturn then do good deeds and prejudice him instead of worship him at the time of calamity.

I have seen people doing variety of remedies for Saturn but my request to all learned astrologer is make people aware of truth about Saturn. This is in well being of everyone. There is a appropriate time for doing remedy related to Saturn. In fact these remedies prevent/stop us to do anything bad and purify our deeds. This is reality .

Jai shree Ram !

Saturn Transit 2014 - Sade Sati


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