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Routine Life Remedies for Nine Planets

Nine Planets & Their Routine Life Remedies

In this post you will learn most effective & practical remedies for Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Venus, Moon which is based on our daily routine life. Going to office, walking, living, working every time you can save your planets with these cost less tips.

While creating the World, the God has taken minute care of each & everything; crated the Planets so that we could get good or bad results of our deeds . .

A person does good or bad deeds due to the worldly life . But these planets at least provide us an opportunity to improve our deeds in daily life at every stage & also to get the positive impact of our planets.

With the blessings of God, I would like to provide to my readers such type of information , the result of which has been witnessed by me in real life. Firstly starting form Sun,

Remedy for Sun weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

if the result of Sun is negative in your life then you get one opportunity in everyday to get the positive energy of Sun. It is common man’s saying that by offering water to the Sun, a person gets the positive energy of Sun. However, most of the people under ignorance offer water to the Sun on wrong time. Due to this, a person not only receives negative energy of Sun but also get negative impact on his eyes also.

If you cannot offer water to Sun without taking bath then at least try to wake up daily bee the Sun rises . You will feel that that your such respect towards Sun will bestow respect on you in your life.
If you find any intuition of any negative energy of Moon in your life then the Moon also provides you an opportunity daily to get the positive impact/energy of Moon.

Remedy for Moon weak, debilitated, Combust or affected by malefic planets

Water represents Moon. So , try to stop water pollution & besides this , don’t waste water . After some time, you will find that problems of hypertension & mental depression will be disappeared from your life.
If you think that the Planet Mars is impacting your life then don’t let the opportunity provided to get the positive impact of Mars go .

Remedy for Mars weak, debilitated, or affected by malefic planets

Disputes in life are due to the influence of Planet Mars. Whosoever has the blessings or positive impact of Mars, he gets the honor of solving the disputes. If you get succeeded in finishing the personal enmity then you will get the positive energy of Mars.

Due to the effect of Planet Mars, blood is circulated in human body. It gives strength to your body as a result of which a normal blood donation does not harm us. But when our blood circulates in other person’s body through veins then you can understand the importance of blood in human life.

Remedy for Mercury weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

Now let’s talk about Planet Mercury. It is instrumented for writing ; though you may be writing through key boards. But each & every word written by you is always influenced by planet Mercury. You get the knowledge through

Mercury. Therefore, the people who are having the positive energy of planet Mercury normally become gidi writer.
Find those people who are uneducated. If you are unable to find them then go to Bank and help the old aged and uneducated person in filing heir necessary forms. Believe it that while doing so, you are not only helping in improving the persons by getting energy of planet Mercury for them but also getting the positive impact of planet Mercury for himself.

Remedy for Jupiter weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

Regarding the planet Jupiter, every one knows that Jupiter is the teacher of Gods i.e. Dev Guru. It is instrumental in spreading knowledge. If the God has bestowed knowledge on you then try to spread and share it and enhance the knowledge of maximum people . Try to make arrangements for the education of underprivileged children; impart free education to poor children; remove dirt from temples and other religious places. Make cleanliness as part of your daily religious life and spread this information to other people It is needless to say that how much impact it will create on your life. As one candle can illuminate thousands candles, likewise this knowledge can remove darkness . Then the planet Jupiter will prompt is positive energy in your life.

Remedy for Venus weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

The planet Venus has a negative impact on those people whose houses are mismanaged and the things are lying scatted in their houses. You only have to keep the things neat & clean. If your house is properly decorated then that beauty & pomp and glory of your house will get fascinate your eyes and soul. Besides this, if the people sticking to bed due to laziness give up this bad habit then the planet Venus will also shower it positive energy on them. For example, after seeing the houses movies stars , you must have realized that they are having the blessings of planet Venus . Being the main planet of beauty , Venus loves beauty . It is rightly said that which is dearer to Venus and the same is being loved by Venus.

Remedy for Saturn weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

Every one is fearful of the result oriented planet- Saturn. If you have been doing your work honesty then you need not to panic.

One T.V. serial based on the planet Saturn was telecasted . If you have observed then you must have found that that the Saturn was seen doing justice in T.V. Serial. There is truth in it. I few take inspiration from this serial then we msut do justice with our deeds and we will get many opportunities in daily life. You need not to do different remedies to get the positive energy of Saturn.

It is the nature of Saturn to get the things delayed and this happens due it the slow rotation/speed of the planet Saturn. It is because of the reason that justice is always done after taking into consideration each and every point judiciously.

If a Government employee does not create any obstacle in completing any official work then it will be a positive step in this regard.

The planet Saturn controls the computer programme. It is a technical task and is as complicated d as understanding the planet Saturn.

Do justice with your work of weighing and measurement; it may be related to adulteration or under weighing .
People normally do carelessness in the works ranging from house making to property dealing ; whereas fairness is utmost required at those places.

In short, if you working honestly then it is presumed that you are doing justice. In that case , such people doing justice with the work needn’t to be afraid of Planet Saturn.
There is one interesting fact about Rahu and Ketu is that no prediction can be done about them .Because Rahu is a shadow planet and the shadow is only an element of reality.

Remedy for Rahu weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

People being impacted by Rahu create hurdles for other people. If you are going somewhere or walking the road and find any stone then immediately remove it but with a caution .

Nail or any sharp edged things can deflate the tires. Don’t’ neglect them. You have seen it and it may happen then other people might have not have seen it.

If your remove any such thing which can cause harm to any one then such beneficial act will save other people form being getting hurt.

Back biting is always done clandestinely and Rahu is notorious for this bad thing . Give up this bad habit.
You need not to do something separately for getting the positive energy of Ketu. As Ketu was a devil whose head was severed off by God Vishnu ; the lower part of the body is called Ketu.

Remedies for Ketu weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets

Despite of this , some people will start raising questions for getting the positive energy of Ketu. So, whenever or wherever, you find any wounded animal , help him by providing him medial aid and food. If you keep on doing such things consistently for many year then you will be equipped with the power of prior intuition of future events.


By writing this article , I only mean to emphasis that we spend out precious time by doing remedies for getting the positive energy or impact of planets. Now , you need not to spare out extra time for this. It is only a daily routine which has never been witnessed by us . No remedy is complete if don’t follow the normal routine. While adopting these deeds, we needn’t to do any special remedy.

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