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Role of Indian Astrology and Horoscope on Matrimony Life

Role of Astorlogy in Matrimonial Life

Horoscope is the magical mirror where you can see your future. If you have basics clear of horoscope, you can read your future.

Daily I got several mails people asks, please tell me I am manglik or not, I want to check my manglik yog, I want to check is there any manglik yog in my horoscope. These queries has pushed me to write another article on Manglik Yoga.

Here is some useful things for the Manglik Yoga which is most critical condition for married life in horoscope.

Two life’s are stake when a person gets married. Observations can be made regarding the relations between the relations between husband and wife. Differences can ruin their life along with the children’s future. We can know about the planet which affects our married life.

Conjugal life and Manglik Yog

Irrespective of the believe of the people Manglik Yog is not harmful.Its only harmful if anyone is Manglik and other is not.  Mars is in favorable position, If its rashi is Aries/scorpio in 7th

house, and it is Swarashi, Ucchrashi or Mool Trikone in 7th house, If Mars in high in Navaansh then relations are pleasant between couple. The effect of Manglik Yog is Zero if Shani is situated with

Mars. Still people do get married with a person who is partial manglik.


Marital Life with effect of Seventh Sun

Separable causing Planets are Sun, Budh and Rahu .Possibility of divorce is around the corner if two out of three planets are in 7th house.  Fear of separation is always there if Sun is in 7th house, in lower house or in unfavourable rashi then also the . Any Women’s will not get the desired love & affection from husband if Jupiter is in the , 8th & 12th house and the husbands

will be harmfully affected. Same effect will be there if Shukra is sitting in 3rd, 6th, 8th & 10th house in a husband’s kundli

Saptmesh having Lower Rashi

Relationship with in-laws is decided by the Saptmesh planet. If it is is strong then your in-laws will be strong as well. Husband or wife is ought to be wretched minded If Saptmesh is wretched or

some planet in it is sitting low. Result can be less effective if some favourable planet is looking at saptam .Other factors also spoil the marital life but these reasons are more effective

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